10 College Dating Lessons For Generation Z

College is one place you have them all. From the eccentric weirdos to the miss goodie two shoes, the headbanging rock stars to the sadistic emos, the chirpy cheerleaders to the high waisted nerds, the bhangra boys to the girl next door. You name it, this place owns it! In the sea of these many people, you might just meet that one special someone who is the missing piece of your life’s jigsaw puzzle. Unless, of course, you are the forever alone kind, then only fanatic religious rituals can save you. When you finally meet someone who is your type do not forget to:

  1. Let them know! (for starters)

Never ever wait for some miracle which will make your crush realise that somebody likes them. A lot of time is the only thing you don’t have in college. Just go for it!

Let them know

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  1. Don’t fret

This is for the worried souls. Don’t fret. If everything goes well, PARTYY!! And if it doesn’t then PARTYY!! as well because a wise man once said, “Aal iz well!”

Don't fret

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  1. Talk to your friends about it

Sure. Talking to friends is a necessity. It clears our mind and most of the time leaves us with good ideas. But don’t forget what you think and want. Ultimately it’s you who is going to be in that relationship. Go ahead, steer the wheel for your own self. Own up to it.

talking to friends

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  1. Take it slow

Don’t rush in. It’s true that we live in a time deficit world but take your time. Go at a pace which suits you. Think it through.

take it slow

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  1. Make ground rules

Respect yourself so that they can respect you. Even though we hate rules, ground rules are a must to assert what we want and need. If you find something problematic/hurtful convey it to your partner. The baggage of hurt is too heavy and worthless to carry.

ground rules

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  1. Look for common interests

Common interests always give a reason to bond. Be it games, books, movies, chai/coffee, food, anything, find it and exploit its potential to bring the 2 of you closer.

common interests

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  1. Expect less

Getting some extra fries at McD doesn’t hurt but Suicide Squad’s performance definitely did hurt. Great expectations hurt. Expect less and enjoy the extra fries.

expect less

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  1. Talk to them. Like really talk

When you think that you are close enough, don’t hesitate to bare your secret self in front of them. It will bring you even more close.

really talk

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  1. Space

Live and let live! Don’t choke the life out of each other. The trick is to spend quality time together. I mean…hey! It’s College! Have fun! Don’t become the creepy stalker auntyji from next door.


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  1. Honesty

Set your priorities and be honest with the person who is important to you. It doesn’t require much from you, just the truth. Period.


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Don’t be the stereotypical “gf-bf”. Be more. Life is too short to be mundane. Kya pata kal ho na ho…

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