8 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Look Differently At The World

The world is a strange place and there are a lot of unanswered questions that make you wonder the truth. Which is how conspiracy theories come into existence, in order to discover the actual truth that is hidden from the ‘truth’ that is being presented to the masses. Like, did Titanic really went down or not? Below are eight conspiracy theories that are super interesting and many of these people actually believe to be true.

1. Titanic Never Went Down!



Well, a ship definitely went down but, it wasn’t the Titanic. As per the theory, it was the Olympic. The shipbuilding company White Star has been accused of committing insurance fraud by fixing up the Olympic, an identical ship, and claiming it to be the Titanic. Also, there were a large number of last-minute cancellations for the Olympic by many rich peeps. Maybe, because they were aware of the switch?

2. Airlines want you to die



Yup! You read that right. In case, you find yourself amidst of a plane crash and make out alive. Chances are you are probably going to sue the airline and likely to win big. To make sure you die during such an event, the brace position airlines tell you to get in will end in death because if you are in that position during the collision, your head will bang into the seat in front of you and snap your neck. Many passengers have also claimed to see flight attendants taking on a different position.

3. Princess Diana SAS ‘assassination plot’



Princess Diana’s sudden death shook the entire world and even after two decades since that fatal car crash, one theory about her death is still doing rounds. According to it, the SAS was involved in Diana’s death and an ex- SAS soldier has said to have told his wife that a special forces hit squad flashed a light to blind Diana’s driver and caused her death crash. It is a technique developed to ­combat terrorists and the said soldier had gone missing days before he was due to be quizzed by the police.

4. Harry Potter wasn’t written by J.K. Rowling



In 2005, a Norwegian film director Nina Grünfeld made the claim that Rowling was actually a ghostwriter. She was well- paid to play up her rags to riches story to build interest in Harry Potter. Ghostwriting is not a new concept in the world of writing and while this could very well be true.

5. The Flintstones is set in Future



Kids favourite cartoon show  ‘The Flintstones’ was apparently set in a post-apocalyptic future, where the remaining people recreate society. If you’ve watched the show, you know they have their very own variant of many present-day devices, such as a bird as a record player. They also celebrate Christmas. But how could they probably know of all of these cool devices to the point of recreating stuff?  Well, our entire childhood was a lie.

6. Crisis Actors Do Exist



These actors are people who are paid and planted at horrific events like shootings, terrorist attacks, etc by the government in order to keep a check about what gets reported to the public and act as if they were there or are survivors.

7. Taylor Swift is a Satanist



The reigning queen of music industry aka Taylor Swift, who was born in 1989, looks a lot like Zeena LaVey, who was born in 1953 and she was actually a Satanist. They look awfully similar in the picture and many people are convinced they’re clones but others just think they’re related. Maybe Zeena is Taylor’s actual mom? Who knows?

8. The Whole World was created last Thursday



This mind-blowing theory is really very interesting and quite hard to understand. According to it, the whole universe was built just last Thursday, with the impression of being billions of years old. Everything that has happened in time actually happened between last Thursday and today, from major events in history to every single thing that’s ever happened to you.

Peeps, these are all ‘theories’, so have fun reading and searching for them. None of them are true facts.

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