5 Reasons to Boycott Bigg Boss Asap

Every other year, India’s favourite bad boy, Salman Khan brings us another crude and crass season of Bigg Boss. In the name of a social experiment, it is basically saas-bahu saga all over again but with an intense dash of swear words. From throwing piss on each other to throwing water bottles at each other and often acting like primitive children. Actually, to be fair to primitive children, even they show some likeness of restraint in their wildness. Here are a few reasons why you should stop watching it asap!

1.Inhuman Tasks

In the name of so-called tasks, the Bigg Boss of the show makes contestants perform tasks which are shoddy and inhuman, to say the least. This season saw TV’s favourite Bahu aka Hina Khan putting red chili powder in Bandgi Kalra’s eyes whereas the latter was seen rubbing garlic on Akash Dadlani’s face. Apparently, all this is done in the name of entertainment.

2. Who This?

who this.jpg

One can easily divide the contestants in every season into two categories – never ever heard of them and heard of them in the last decade. Most of them are self-confessed celebs of the glamour world or are in desperate need of an image makeover. But, for the past few years, commoners aka aam aadmi has been a part of the show as well. People like Puneesh Sharma, a Delhi business family offspring, —who announced: “party karna mera shauk hai”. They are the ones who are doing the show for a short span of fame, or notoriety, should I say? Well, no publicity is bad publicity. Right?

3. Same Old Formula


Anyone who has been following the show for the past few years can blindly tell what kind of participants will be on the show. Thanks to it’s same old tried and tested formula of a decade! There is always a god/woman. This time this divinity slot was filled by Sshivani Durgah whose strangely spelled name couldn’t keep her from participating in the show. There’s always a member of LGBT community, who was Sabyasachi Satyapathi this season. A firangi model introduced in the middle of the show who can’t even utter a word of Hindi and two people who will immediately fall in love with each other and make out in the dark under the blankets like Puneesh and Bandgi. The makers hit repeat on this formula every other season! How Original?

4. Physical & Mental Abuse

No season of the show has been complete without these two! This season saw Akash Dadlani forcibly kissing Shilpa Shinde and Vikas later landing few punches on Akash, leaving viewers shocked. Not to forget the constant nagging, fights, arguments, throwing shade against each other, intentionally create fights among two people just for the heck of it and seeing Hina Khan belittle every other woman has just exposed the horrible mindsets of these so-called celebs. But, for how long this physical and mental torture can someone tolerate and the non-stop bullying is just annoying, oh and, boring too.

5. Bhaijaan ki Bhaigiri

Bollywood ka Bhaijaan aka Salman Khan has been hosting the show for half a decade now. But, the actor seems to misunderstand the concept of hosting, he bores everyone with his stale jokes, he looks tired and yes, he also acts as the judge, jury and executioner on the show. He is accused of being biased and ganging up against contestants, and all of this is completely dictated by his impulses. For instance, this current season he has been favouring country’s favourite Bhabhi Ji aka Shilpa Shinde.

Bigg Boss is nothing but a bunch of celebs under house-arrest who would go to any extent to win the show! Don’t waste your precious time watching this rubbish.

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