Life Lessons from epic movie “3 Idiots”

It has been just one year short of a decade since the Aamir Khan starrer “3 idiots” rocked the Indian cinema and Education system. Based loosely on the noted writer: Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone, it became a national sensation through its witty quips. This great movie also encompasses varied life lessons in itself like:

  • All is well: The movie depicted Aamir Khan as a great problem solver who tries to help all. Rather than being emotionally drained, he tried to take best out of the opportunity. His lateral thinking and street-smart solutions made him a great man in the end (without a formal degree in his name). So rather than whining over spilled milk, make the best out of the situation. Positive thinking takes you to places and not flattery.

  • Need is the mother of invention: Creative energy is an outcome of physical or psychological needs. Till you don’t understand the importance of doing a particular thing, you are bound to ignore it. Further, no amount of religious blackmail is going to help in this (wink!). Have confidence and Higher power will support you in the endeavor.
  • Be practical and not theoretical: This link below will take you to the Chatur’s speech on teacher’s day. The movie brilliantly depicted how our Education system is churning out “90 percent scoring Chatur” and not the actual wonder “Rancho”. This relying on theoretical knowledge base has take a toll on the hands-on training programs which are passed off as extra subjects. The Labs work on teaching “how it was done” rather than “how it can be done”. Thus, supplement the knowledge base with relevant skills to enjoy a good career.

  • ‘Love what you do’ and even more ‘Do what you love’:  Following your passion is important. Take the case of singer Hariharan. Despite being an engineer, he decided to go with his passion of singing similar to Farhan Qureshi of the movie. (Madhavan who essayed this role is himself a pilot turned actor). Excellence should remain the focus of all activities. Rather than doing what others believe is good for you, introspect. This will ease out biggest problems and others will realize the importance of the task for you.
  • Truth triumphs all: The truth is easier to preach than follow. Initially people will mock your righteous behavior but will also respect you for standing by it. Jealousy is a result of insecurity and it should be used to propel the journey to excellence and not falling others. Be your own “brand” like Phunsukh to stay happy.

  • Take risks: It is important to take risks in life. You only live once and why regret your actions later? Take the giant leap even if you will fail. In the end, you will have a great outcome: either benefit or a lesson.
  • Ask Questions: The key to success is asking questions and help. Knowledge doesn’t come from having a degree but from asking questions. Knowledge requires communication. Socializing helps to understand others and their actions. This gives learning a new edge. Remember: It is easier to fill an empty vessel rather than filling a brimming one. Hence, to learn you have to approach with a clear mind.

The movie had something for all aspects of human life: Love, Education, passion, patriotism. The movie remains an epic turning point for the way we take our Education system. It also showed how we rank our success in terms of monetary compensation and not in terms of social context.

Thus, we all should strive for a healthy society as well as focus on self actualization while meeting hardships with a smiling face.