7 Things We Can Learn from ‘Mondler’ about Relationships

They say love is a dying art. That the days of true love died in the 20th Century. That the concept of “love” has been reduced to mere right swipes and one-night flings. That relationship these days last for lesser time than a sock. And if you look around, you wouldn’t disagree with any of the above, would you?

Maybe it’s time for the Tinder generation to rewind a bit – to the days when if something broke, you fixed it instead of throwing it away. To the days when love outlasted buildings and empires and wars. To the days when satisfaction meant finding a second home in the arms of the person you couldn’t do one day without. To the days, when love was, as The King Of Romance himself once said,

And who better to epitomize that than 2 best friends who found soulmates in one another, and became the #RelationshipGoals for people to follow even 20 years later! Here’s how the new generation can learn a thing or two from Monica and Chandler, or Mondler, the most romantic couple the TV world ever came across!

♥ To be best friends first!

On the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Chandler and Monica were best friends for 4 seasons. And that is exactly what they never stopped doing throughout the course of their relationship. The love took seed one night, and grew forever after that. But what never changed was that they were always best friends first. Be it the time they called it even, or when a wife ordered a stripper for her own husband and then became one herself for him

call it evenstripper

And who can forget all the little pieces of roasts they dealt in with each other?

joke joke blah blahroast

Who is such great friends with their partner these days?

♥ Being romantic, also, jealous in cute quantities!

No disrespect to SRK fans, but anyone who has seen both him and F.R.I.E.N.D.S would say the same thing – Mondler’s Romance>Any SRK movie. They didn’t even have to be a couple to be romantic –

Not that things ever changed later…

i like maintaining you

Do we need to even have any nominations for the award of the most romantic proposal ever?

Who can forget the time Chandler’s boss took him out after his supposed “breakup” which ultimately made Chandler realize how tragic his life would be without Monica?

grow old together

Millions of romantic moments interspersed in everyday life…

And of course those moments when jealousy crept in (as it should) and they kept it at harmless levels (as everyone should). Like the time when Chandler got jealous over a chef with too much in common with Monica, or when Monica met the funniest guy and it wasn’t Chandler. Also, when Monica thought Chandler was hooking up in Tulsa.

How many relationships has our generations ruined over getting worked up because of mere FB likes?

♥ Being loyal to each other

Millenials are a fickle lot. They find it much easier to keep jumping on every new opportunity that looks great, without so much as considering the long-term effect of it. Betrayalals, drunken hook-ups are as common as tea and coffee.

But Mondler didn’t. Not when Chandler had a chance to hook up in Tulsa even when he knew he could have hidden it from Monica easily.

chandler im married

Also not when Phoebe wanted to kiss Chandler as part of an unofficial contest


Because the hallmark of a true relationship is having eyes, heart, and comfort only for each other, rather than giving in to stupid temptations that can destroy something that could have been so good, as it was with Mondler…

♥ Not cutting out other friends from your life…

The one mistake we all make in relationships is to give too much priority to our partner. Agreed, spending time together is important, but doing too much can actually cause you to get fed up! Hence, spending quality time with other friends is as essential to keep the relationship strong and fresh. Which is something Mondler ensured they always did.

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After all, friends are the ones that keep you going if something goes wrong with your relationship, don’t they?

♥ To keep going even when the going gets tough!

So what do you do when you come across a difficult question in exam? Skip it and move over to the easier ones, don’t you? This tactic may get us what we want in exams, but unfortunately, we end up applying the same even to our relationships. Us rookies bail out at the slightest hint of trouble.

Not Mondler.

Yes, they fought the first weekend they tried to spend away together. But they made through it.

When Chandler was upset with Monica, she made a complete fool of herself just to please him-

And who can forget the hilarious fight when Chandler smoked and Monica used him for sex.

They underwent the toughest of days… like when Chandler thought he would lose Monica to Richard. And so, he fought FOR her –

And when their world came crashing down realizing they could never have a baby, they fought life TOGETHER!

Because a battle is not won without a scar or injury, is it?

♥Accepting each other with all their fault and imperfections

No two humans are 100% like each other, unless they’re clones. Also, no human is perfect (unless they’re Rajnikant! :p). A true relationship is about liking each other’s positives, and loving each other’s negatives.

We all know how bossy and controlling Monica was. Hell, it even made Phoebe stop living with her. But not Chandler. He allowed her to be herself, all faults included.

love you inspite of it

And Monica reciprocated in equal measure when Chandler couldn’t perform in bed and felt like he had let down Monica –

chandler cant perform

The faults never made a difference to them because the love is all that mattered for them. A good leaf to take out of their book, don’t you think?

♥Growing with each other!

you make me the best

Chandler… the poor child wrecked with divorced parents and growing with serious commitment issues. Monica, the shrill, baby-obsessed bossy woman who broke up with the first love of her life because she was hell-bent on having a baby.

To the point Chandler won everyone’s heart with his impromptu wedding vow-

mondler wedding

And Monica giving time to Chandler to grow and be ready. They grew. Together.

Chandler went from being an irresponsible mess who lost a baby on the bus to admonishing Rachel and her sister for misbehaving in Monica’s apartment. If there’s any one who worked as a true team, it is MONDLER!

growing up



Don’t you think it’s time we learnt something from the Mondler Handbook of Succeeding at Relationships that they wrote over 6 years?

chan cant kiss phoebe