8 Things People Don’t Warn You About When You Move Out Of India

India is a union of different cultures, languages, and customs. Our nation of diversity intrigues one and all. So, when it’s time to bid adieu, it goes without saying that nostalgia will kick in, sooner or later. Here are 8 things you’ll probably miss when you move out of India.

1. Stupid Questions



“Do you speak Hindoo?”
“Do you only eat spicy food ?”
“Is Diwali your Christmas ?”

Nobody warned you about such stupid and bizarre questions you are asked abroad about being an Indian.

2. Breaking the Ice



Making friends comes easy in India. You can make lifelong friends with the perfect stranger you bumped into while boarding your morning bus or your regular barber who knows your likes and dislikes like the back of his hand. Overseas, the art of breaking the ice and making friends isn’t so easy as everyone would greet you with the happiest greeting and then end the conversation there leaving you asking yourself why they even bother to ask “how are you” if they don’t care to know!

3. Ghar Ka Khana



Irrespective of the fact that you have memorized your favourite ‘butter chicken’ recipe by heart and exactly know how much of every ingredient you have to put but still, there is something about ‘maa ke hath ka khana’ which gives that distinctive taste and aromatic fragrance to the meals, something that the Indian restaurants around you will never, ever match up to.

P.S.  Saying “extra spicy ” becomes mandatory after placing every order.

4. Beauty of Bargaining



Everything comes with a price tag and leaves no room for bargaining when you are living abroad. Everything has a fixed price and all you can get if you ask for a discount is disapproving glances or sympathetic smiles, unlike India where you can literally negotiate the price of a vegetable to a car.

5. Magic of Maids



Yes, no matter how much your cursed your maid for her unplanned holidays and uncleansed spots on the floor, you will miss having a maid while you dust, wash, clean, dry, shop, chop, cook all on your own every day….phew!

6. Crazy Crowds



With a population of over 1.2 billion people, the one, you had been running away from and calling “crowd”. You will miss getting “lost in the crowd” once you are abroad. Whether you’re lost or in case of an emergency, Indians are forever ready to help and this warmth and spirit is something you will certainly miss.

7. Fun of Festivals



Festivals are the lynchpin of India. You will always remember your favourite sweets, the decorated markets, the preparations and shopping at home and, of course, the day off you got officially. Celebrating ‘Diwali’ on the same weekend since it fell on a weekday just never feels the same. No matter where in the world you’re at, you are bound to miss these festivals which keeps the whole nation abuzz and you’ll feel the urge to return and experience it all.

8. Cricket + Chai



One brings an entire nation together and on the other one keeps the countrymen going. You may get the Chai latte abroad or substitute it with coffee but it doesn’t match up to the ‘desi chai’ and surely doesn’t quench your thirst for tea. Likewise, you can watch India playing cricket online from any part of the world, but it will not be the same as in India amidst the action-packed energy and zest of the locals.

Irrespective of wherever you go, you will always miss your motherland and there is no place like our Incredible India.