From Rs 500 to Rs 55 Lakhs, This Man’s Rags to Riches Story is a Must Read!

You failed the interview of your dream job or you didn’t make it to the final cut off list of a top institute. Failing to fulfil your dreams can be quite demotivating but this hard-hitting story of a 27-year-old something, Mumbaikar Devendra Dave is a great example of how one needs to run the extra mile and fight tooth and nail to achieve those big dreams. Throughout his tough journey, he saw more lows than highs but, it is the struggle which makes the success sweeter.

  • Dave hails from Virar, located in the suburbs of Mumbai. His father was a polio patient and had a hard time finding work. To make ends meet his mother used to work as a cook at other people’s home but the clouds of financial uncertainty often loomed over the family.



  • His father fell prey to a Nigerian scam and was duped of Rs 8 lakhs. To repay the loan, his family was forced to sell their only asset, their home.



  • He completed his matriculation and due to financial crises decided to contribute to the family income. He started working as a courier boy at a meagre salary of Rs 500.



  • During his 12th, his father who was working at an ad firm had to give up his job due to deteriorating health. Consequently, he became the sole bread earner of the family and started juggling multiple jobs (waiter, chess coach, promotion executive, etc) while preparing for several entrances.
  • For the next five years of his life, he represented his college in various chess competitions while working multiple jobs. His frustration at not being able to attend college classes like a regular student motivated him to do his MBA from a reputed college.



  • He failed to clear CAT after three consecutive attempts and in 2014, he successfully cracked entrance exam of MICA, Ahmedabad that too, at first attempt. But, all banks refused to give him an educational loan as his father was blacklisted after that scam scenario. He tried everything to arrange the funds but nothing worked.



  • Disheartened, he resumed his job and started saving for his family. During his stint as a chess teacher, a father of one of his students offered to sponsor his studies if he manages to crack the exam again.



  • Burning the midnight oil, while still working odd jobs he managed to crack the exam. He left for MICA and gave his entire savings to his parents which he had managed to save while working for seven days a week that too for an entire year.S



  • At MICA, he managed to win a lot of competitions and cash rewards. He also landed a scholarship of Rs 4 lakhs and started his own startup where he helped aspiring students who were aiming to crack MICA.

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  • Finally, all his hard work proved to be fruitful, the son of a father who got duped in a Nigerian Scam ended up getting a whopping package of Rs 55 lakhs from a Nigerian
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Folks, there are no shortcuts or secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.