Why having a roommate is the best thing in hostel life?

You hate that they ate all your secret food stash, but you like that you have someone to come back to after boring classes…You hate them, you love them. Roommates are a rite of passage in the quest of leaving your family home and stepping into the unnerving world of Adulthood.

Here is a list of 6 things which happen when you have a roomie.

1. 24×7 Company



Want to try out the new neighbourhood cafe or thinking of going on retail therapy? Well, you’ve got your partner in crime to accompany you! With your roomie around, you don’t have to do things alone and sulk in silence.

2. Backup Wardrobe


Every hostler knows the struggle of doing the dirty laundry. #HostelLife. And most of us run out of clean clothes when you have to go on a date or have plans to go clubbing with your friends. This is when having a roomie comes as a blessing in disguise, [size matters 😉 ] you both share each other’s wardrobe and often forget to return one another’s clothes.

3. Sharing is Caring

Having an Awful day? Awesome day? You’ll always have someone with whom you can share. If a professor gave you a nice earful or you need to share daily life titbits, you have someone with a fresh perspective which you can trust in order to keep your emotions in check.

P.S.  There is no greater joy than sitting your roomie down after you’ve been on a date and dissecting every last minor detail.

4. Social Circle

social circle.png

Your social circle automatically doubles when you get a roommate. And even if you both aren’t super close, chances are they’ll at least have one friend with whom you can share a great bond. Nurture such friendships because they know what you have to go through with your roomie.

5. Vent and Rant!


Had a tiff with your family over the phone? Going through a breakup? It’s great to have a roomie in such tough times when you can vent and rant about someone who by all intentions and purposes is a completely objective third party observer with completely no personal interest in the matter.

6. Key-Buddy!


Chances are, you’ll lock yourself out. Don’t be embarrassed, as it happens to everyone. Instead of having the house key hidden under a “secret rock” or below the foot mat, you have your roommate. Let’s just hope he didn’t choose that moment to go out to wander somewhere.

Remember! Good friends do not always make good roommates. Good roommates do not always make good friends.