Money Behind Memes

Started off as a fad, memes are all over the place today. The internet is flooded with those funny illustrations and people are having a good time looking at them. Today, memes have become another way of influencer marketing as billions of people who surf the internet have accepted them as a source of connecting with others. Moreover, memes have become a way to make money. People are taking up meme creation as a career and are making good money off it. Celebrities, brands and even political leaders have capitalized on the aspect of memes going viral and have made their presence felt.

They might be considered frivolous by some, nevertheless memes today are serious business. Read on for some of the most common ways of cashing in on your memes.

  1. Start a meme blog


For memes to be successful, they need to reach a large audience. Blogging is a great way to spread your reach and get more views. Also, use social media pages to support your blog. That is actually the way to get more people to see your memes.

  1. Use Influencer memes  

In influencer memes, you create a meme category that aligns with a person or company’s vision and goals. Companies often approach people who create such memes and often pay a handsome amount for it too. And that is becoming extremely popular.

  1. Video memes


Video memes are more engaging than picture memes, but the video shouldn’t be too long otherwise it fails to capture the interest of the audience. Creating your own channel on video-sharing platforms is a great way to earn money through memes.

  1. Work for a meme making company

Companies hire full-time employees for new media jobs, which also requires responsibility to create memes. All you need to have is a knack for humor and updates on pop culture happenings and you’re set to be a meme marketer!

  1. Meme merchandising

Start your own merchandise company with memes as its theme! These days a lot of people are buying merchandise associated with memes, be it T-shirts, mugs, cushion covers or any other. There’s a reason why viral memes are called ‘viral memes’.

Memes have changed the whole scenario of online interaction. Though started as a joke, today, memes matter.