How chai has become a part of every college student’s life

What is that one thing that’s an indispensible part of an Indian kitchen?


Come on think harder………

You got there – Tea of course!

We are so fond of our chai that we can take it anywhere and at any time of the day. This legacy is passed onto children by their parents and further to their friends and the cycle goes on, forming a new breed of chai-addicts. And then comes college, where students learn to take tea from the master chai-addicts and become adults!

That said, college life does bring in new habits and ‘doston wala chai-time’ is definitely one of them. Keep scrolling to read about how chai has become a part of every college student’s life.


  1. Morning bed-tea



How nice it is to have someone get your tea to your bed! Remember that roomie, the early riser who would share his morning tea with you? Sipping from the hot cup first thing in the morning is heaven.


  1. Din ki headache wali chai



You know you’ve become a tea person when you start having tea cravings in the middle of the day. That ten-minute break where you rush to the canteen to grab a cup of pure satisfaction and get back to work with a fresh mind is essential.


  1. Tapri wali chai



Evenings are well spent with friends at the nearest tapri where you enjoy chai in the open, while enjoying the cool breeze. Also, the guy who makes it knows just how you want your tea, which is like icing on the cake.


  1. When it’s raining but you’re more excited about your tea than the rain



The earthly scent when rain falls on dry soil, reminding you of home – that coupled with a hot cup of tea and a few close friends. Sounds like the perfect evening?


  1. Late night hostel-chai



When you realize that you’ve whiled away the whole time at college and you need to be survive through the sleepless night to pass the next day’s exam, that’s when the late night  chai comes to the rescue.


  1. Sardi ki chai



Finally, it’s the official chai season’s turn – Winter has come! Lazy winter afternoons with cosy blankets and tea cups to keep you warm through the day, chai is a beverage that is meant to be taken in this season.