The life of an MBA student revolves around various factors which at times is almost impossible to quantify. No matter how much we crib about the hectic schedule, the unending lectures, a whole lot of committee work and the alleged bureaucracy,  we would not fall back to admitting that it is supposedly the best days of our lives. The growing bonds, those small intricate emotional moments, those late night chats in the common rooms, eating together as a family, a family away from your family. This is where we became wiser and shed our boy and girl days.

If I were to divide the MBA life into different phases it would look like a representation of the Product Life Cycle. Let’s enlist the same and analyze it accordingly.

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Introduction – This is where an individual is introduced to the MBA life, filled with inhibition and zeal at the same time, those butterflies to be socially accepted and be someone who isn’t lost in the crowd are the driving factors , this is where various attributes of that individual is showcased and everyone else either accept or reject the same. This phase generally lasts for the first trimester where various factors are influencing the decision. This is the time when these individuals coming from different backgrounds and cultures come together as a group and this is exactly where the holistic development takes place due to peer learning.


Growth –  This is that phase of MBA  life where the said individual after having passed the perils of the introduction stage has slowly started spreading his wings to fly and soar to higher skies. He is into his comfort zone and doesn’t face an identity crisis anymore.  This is where networking is the most sought-after attribute. This phase also comes with the hiccup of Summer Internship Placement processes and trust me this is where you don’t want to get stuck in. Looking at others getting placed while all you do is put on that suit regularly and appear for those interviews is an intensively demanding.  Again this phase encompasses the second trimester.


Maturity – Placements done right! Networking on the high, this phase generally defines the time where those small chosen sects and groups have already been decided and it becomes difficult for a new individual to infiltrate into the group anymore. This is where the real bond grows, this is where memories are made. This is where you know who will be with you when you need them and along with all this the assignments and internal tests, live projects take up the major chunk of time.


Decline – When I say decline, I don’t mean to put an end to the saga but then this is the time when there is a whole lot of difference at how we start seeing the college life to be. Competition rises keeping in regard the final placements come up along with the mindset to make the most of the time at hand, Why? Well, because very soon the family we used to eat together, sleep together, study together and bunk together wouldn’t be together no more. What will remain are memories of those times, those everlasting moments. Those moments which will give memories to cherish forever.


Your time at B-school makes you a jack of all trades and well, the master of business administration,  a powerful bias-killer, about how you perceive the world and the functioning of those who reside in them. It provides you with a once in a lifetime experience. Surviving the day trying to read a case study (on your phone screen), framing “intelligent-sounding” questions (yeah, for the scores), while you relish that half-eaten vadapav (your breakfast) held meticulously in your hand, rushing through a flight of stairs (from the canteen to the class), praying not to be late ( attendance matters ), and all this while thinking about that presentation you have to make (in the upcoming lecture), still tensed about that surprise quiz which might or might not take place (with the final trimester exams coming up in a week), which you obviously haven’t studied a thing for , and when email notification pops up stating that your dream company will be on campus tomorrow (for conducting placements), with gloomy, puffy eyes (owing to the lack of sleep) — and if you can manage that, well then, you need to raise your collar (and yeah after you put down that vadapav and phone, unless you want red vadapav chutney to add a beautiful highlight).