The Great Indian Jugaad

How many times have you gone to the nearby cobbler to get that dying shoe fixed? The fact that we most of us have done this at some point is testimony to our innate ‘Indianness’ and with that comes the concept of ‘The Great Indian Jugaad’. Jugaad is anything that you do to fix a problem in the short run. From buying a movie ticket in ‘black’ to clubbing engines with cycle rickshaws to create a whole new vehicle, everything we do has an element of Jugaad. Even the British were impressed with our creative ways of finding solutions and added the term ‘Jugaad’ to the Oxford Dictionary in 2017.

Debate has been on the front, but ‘Indian Jugaad’ definitely speaks of our resourcefulness and creativity. Here are a few instances where people have mastered the art that Jugaad is! Have a look.


  1. Plastic Houses 



Everyone knows about House of Cards but few know about Houses of Plastic. People have used plastic bottles to construct full-fledged houses and they are real beauties. That’s plastic put to good use!


  1. Demonetisation Effects



Note ban had a deep impact on every Indian’s life but we do know how to play the rule. To exchange old currency, many converted religious places, NGOs, banks etc. into laundering places. Even the gyms and salons were flooded with the old currency.


  1. Innovation in simplicity



A road cleaning bi-cycle with a simple idea of becoming more efficient was brought in by Grassroot Innovation Design Studio (GRID). Such innovations epitomize Jugaad which is so deeply a part our mindset.


  1. Two wheeler in a new avatar!



In rural India, a lot of people have turned their two wheelers into transport services by attaching wooden planks and other Jugaadu fixes to them. Such vehicles are called ‘Jugaad’ and are very popular in the rural areas.


  1. Customized Hand pumps



Hand pumps are a common sight in our country and for an average Indian, the daily struggle with it is a headache. But wait! Yet again we have found a solution to the unwanted wastage of water. Drawing water was never easier!


There sure is a fun part to it, but the Jugaad system precisely defines the Indian way of quick-fixing which has inspired simple yet ground-breaking innovations aligned with the average Indian’s everyday life.