Seven Tinder pickup lines every guy must try!

Tinder is on fire these days! Humour is the new black and the ladies are going gaga over the most creative pick-up lines used by guys these days. Read on to know the quirkiest ways of millennial wooing.


  1.  Guy : Here’s a lame pickup line, but what the hell! Are you a loan? Because you’re gaining my interest.


Getting to know someone is important, but what comes first is grabbing that person’s attention. Tinder is all about creating first impressions. After all, how important it is to maintain the incoming interest levels!  As puny as it gets!


  1. Guy : Want to hear about the book I’m writing?

          Girl : Sure!

          Guy : It’s a phone-book, I’m almost done. Just need one more number.

phone-book-yellow-black-cover-isolated-white-background-34640421 (1)

Ahan! Back to the classics. Remember how guys used to figure out ways to ask for a girl’s phone number? Well, the legacy still continues. Out the many clichés that fall into this category, this one stands out because of the spot on delivery.


  1. Guy : Hey, my name is Mark, but most people call me ‘No Thank you’. If you don’t like that nickname, you can call me Titanic, because I’m not very good at breaking ice.


Who isn’t a Titanic fan? Being straightforward on Tinder is a gamble, you might win, you might lose. But playing it cool does earn you the brownie point and in this one, Titanic seems to have saved itself from the ice.


  1. Guy : I think we should get coffee, because I’m liking you a ‘latte’.

 download (3)

You might like your coffee black without sugar, but this one here sure is going to take you on a latte treat. Cheesy as it is, this is a perfect pick-up line for asking a girl out after a couple of interactions when you know a bit about her.


  1. Guy : Do you believe in love at first swipe?


Swiping is completely based on the first impression of the person. You swipe right thinking about it as a potential partner and although rarely, it does happen that you find the perfect match. This one qualifies as the most relevant question on Tinder. Doesn’t it?


  1. Guy : Hey what’s your name?

         Girl : Are you serious?

         Guy : Was that too forward?


Being out there is one, but for some, slow openings work better. Some girls like a little more sophistication and initial wooing before finally opening up.   Just do it with swag and you’ll be rewarded!

  1. Guy : Hell, it’s me.


                     I messed up my Adele line, I suck! 😀

 download (2)

Here it is again! Messing with the line on purpose, trying to be cute and all. A lot of girls actually love to see guys make the effort and it does the needful. Ice-breaking through deliberately making her laugh goes a long way. Adele might be a little upset though.