6 Types of Tea Loving Friends You Put Up With


I think we all have these friends with their peculiar tea habits. To be more precise, they eat tea, they drink tea and, if possible, they sleep tea. In fact, when asked they would tell you, “Life is tea-rrific coz’ I’ve got tea!” You don’t understand this relationship but kiya kare dosti nibhana padta hai. However, you can’t help but tell yourself, “What a brute-tea-fool friend I have! So, without lingering on, let’s take a look at some of these friends.

1. Tea-rex.

Cautious! Alert!!! Grumpy. Cranky. Unpredictable. Might bite too! The simple solution to tame these wildlings? Tea of course! A cup of tea every other hour and they are as tamed as a house cat!



  1. The Par-Tea People

 This is one of those rare breeds. You find them in the corner ,quietly sipping on tea while there rest of you are gulping down gallons of liquor. I would suggest not to mock them. Cos when you wake up with that dreadful hangover the next day, they are the ones offering you that refreshing, hot cup of tea.



  1. The Fake-tea hai’s

The passionate radical thinking, anti-establishment Che Guevara and Karl Marx worshipping lot. You would mostly see them huddled up  in the college canteens or small tea stalls. A sutta in one hand and a cutting chai in the other. Judging everything in this capitalistic world. Sometime you wonder if they are faking it to prevent chanelling  the inner teddy bear within?

sutta chai.jpg


  1. Weigh-Tea Folks.

The health conscious. The weight watchers.They never leave home without their personal stash. Of Greens!! You know what I mean? Green-Tea sachets,dummy. Always ready to promote the one true weight losing secret.

Green Tea girl.png

  1. Creativi-Tea Monsters.

They are exceptionally brilliant and amazing at what they do. The problem is… the light bulb up there doesn’t work without a constant flow of this electrici-tea. Tea is like their elixir of life.   



  1. Pot-Tea Tribe

    They are the ones whose morning does not start without that hot cup of tea. Their single moto in life is ‘no potty if no pot-tea.’ Ahem! Let’s face it, how can you start your day without that daybreak download?

    Well, if you have any friends with these brew-tea-ful qualities, do tag them here and spread some love.