GES – Ivanka Trump – What to learn from her visit to India?


Keeping the jokes apart  , Is Ivanka Trump’s visit to India a  fundamental improvement in relations between India & the US after the VISA debacle ? Or just a diplomatic visit to mark the ongoing partnership just like any other nation.  Is this a feather in the cap for the Indian Prime Minister Mr.Modi with an increase in diplomatic visits, interests from nations abroad or another charge on the tax payers? Let’s find out.


Ivanka Trump’s visit to India on 28th November’17 in the light of 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit is a step forward for a nation where 65% of the population is under the age 35.   Ease of doing business rose 30 places, such  breaking into top 100 nations of the world. With a sex ratio of about 985 women every 1000 men below the age of 35, it’s a huge opportunity for the nation to use this as a catalyst for substantial growth in the entrepreneurial sector. With the world shifting towards GIG economy model of work where freelancing is gaining importance, it is a welcome move.


Ms.Ivanca who is an author, fashion designer, a successful entrepreneur and an advisor to the US President Donald Trump, has been quoted saying “There is much we can and should do together”, which automatically opens doors for investments flowering into the nation as a move towards expansion.

Talking of GES, Ivanka pointed out that “for the first time, over 50% of this year’s participants will be women!” which is a positive move when the empowering of the women is concerned .”One of the main challenges globally is creating economic opportunities and generating economic prosperity for all our citizens – in the US, India, and throughout the world. Just as President Trump is working hard on these issues for the American people, PM Modi is also focused on expanding economic opportunities for the people of India, particularly women,” she said.


The above being said it is a matter of time where the real story unfolds. While such happens, let’s hope that the torch stays lit and a wave of growth is followed by improvement in the standard of living, where women do better, communities and countries thrive.