7 Shocking News You Will Only Find in India!

India is a culturally diverse and a huge nation and its citizens, as well as authorities, never fail to entertain the countrymen, thanks to some bizarre personalities and strange orders of authorities. Below are seven news which will shock you and rock you!

1. Doctors Do Surgical Strike!


Doctors at New Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital performed a surgery to remove 12 pounds of metal objects from a patient’s abdomen. What they found inside during the three-hour-long surgery was totally unexpected – nut bolts, chains, 263 coins and around 100 nails. ( Maybe, he was our very own superhero Metal Man?)

2. Smelly Socks Takes Man to Jail!


Shockingly, a passenger travelling in a bus going from Dharamsala to Delhi was taken by the police when co-passengers complained that they were having a hard time to bear the stench coming from his smelly socks! So, guys take a note and wash those stinking socks of yours before you hitch a ride.

3. A Bond Beyond Boundaries and….Species

A one-and-a-half year boy befriends monkeys and feeds monkeys regularly in Hubli. The toddler is woken up by monkey gang every day at six in the morning and is dropped back after playing and being fed by them. Moreover, they have never bitten him. Talk of True Friendship!

4. Get Rid of Your Phones or Get Fined!

girl phone

In an unprogressive step, the Panchayat of Mathura’s Madora village decided to impose a fine of twenty-one thousand on girls who will be seen using mobile phones while walking on the street, in order to reduce the rate of crime against girls and encourages elopement. (Logic: Error 404)

5.  Asses Land in Jail!


Eight donkeys In U.P. ‘s Jalaun district had to spend four days behind bars. What was their crime? Apparently, these four-legged species feasted on expensive plants outside the jail compound which reportedly cost jail authorities several lakhs. Well, ‘Kanoon Andha Hai! “

6. Actor Gets E-Challan for Taking Selfie!

Mumbai Police issued e-challan via twitter to actor Varun Dhawan for taking a selfie with a fan as he was leaning out of the car window and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Talk about the power of twitterati!

7. Stuffs Mouth with Straws, Man Sets Record!


Odisha’s Manoj Kum created a rather strange Guinness World Record by stuffing an astounding 459 drinking straws into his mouth at once.  P.S. A great idea to do something good for those who love to open their mouth for wrong reasons.

Still recovering from the shock, eh?