7 Annoying Moments You Will Relate To Every Time You’re in The Exam Hall

To the one reading this right now – our deepest condolences lie with you. We know the horrors you’ve undergone and the hell that you’re going through. Been there, done that. Yes, we’re talking of exams – those damned things invented by Satan himself to make poor little kids like us die not another, but every other day! The wretched feeling of writing an exam is no alien to any of us. Which is why we’re sure you would relate to these 7 extremely annoying moments we all endured (or continue to) while scribbling down those pages!

1) “Dillon ka shooter hai mera scooter, dillon ka shooter! Ah! Ah!”

get outta my head

The question that the paper asks – “What is the Keynesian theory of aggregate demand?” The answer that your brain comes up with – some Dhinchak lyrics of a dhinchak song! Anyone who has suffered from this disease called ‘songstuckitis’ would know how horrible it is when you’re desperately trying to think of answers and all that your scumbag brain can do is replay the lyrics of an annoying song! To make matters worse, it is often just that 1 sentence that keeps playing on loop over and over again; of a song that you have no recollection whatsoever of having heard in the recent past. And yet, it pops up like an un-skippable youtube ad and makes you want to shoot yourself in the head!

sk haider

2) “Ma’am Supplement!”


2 words. 2 magical words that make you want to punch 2 people at once – the nerd who asked for the supplement 10 minutes into the exam, and then yourself for not knowing what to write unlike the nerd! Even as you’re scratching your head, still trying to figure out whether to do objectives first, there will always be that one guy/girl who will face the wrath of a hundred other losers like you by screaming those damned words! Dork!

3) “Palat! Palat!”


“Agar who mera sacha dost hai, toh who palatke meri help zaroor karega! Palat! Palat!..” goes your mind silently as you look desperately towards your friend in search of some answers. But damn! That dungbeetle of a friend who called you last night to say “yaar maine haath bhi nahi lagaya book ko” is now going Ferrari with his writing even as you keep looking towards him hoping he’d turn around and help you. LOOK AT ME YOU FILTHY FAKE FRIEND! HELP ME OR I’LL KNOCK YOUR TEETH OFF! And yet, he doesn’t…

4) The One That Just Won’t Shut Up!


There are only 2 types of invigilators in the world – the normal ones who ask you once before the exam to not cheat (haha sure!) and not carry phones with you. And then those idiots who think shouting continuously, even as the exam has already commenced, is the only way to drive home the message of not cheating. Yes, you know you’ve had those moments – when all you wanted to do was grab him by the neck and scream in his face “Shut the **** up! We’re trying to concentrate for ****’s sake!” If only! But then such is the travesty of life…

5) When you know you don’t know what you know

i dont know

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan might have been able to follow this train of thoughts. And if you’re not one (get a life!), here’s what we mean – that moment when you can recollect what page number the answer was on… you can even recollect its positioning on the page… but, you can’t recollect the words! That frustration when you know read and prepared that answer but just can’t remember the damned words! Relatable much?

6) “Somebody wants you… somebody needs you… that somebody’s ME!”

hum saath saath hai

So you’re done writing down whatever your mind could possibly allow you to, and think about handing over the answer sheet to the examiner, but wait! It’s still half an hour to go till the bell and no one has left as yet. You look around and see everyone gushing their pens about like they still have tonnes to write and all you can think is “What!!! What the hell is everyone writing so much! I can’t be the only loser to finish so soon… somebody get up!!!” You desperately hope to have some company while walking out from the hall… away from all the prying, judges eyes screaming “haha loser!!”

7) Last ball, Dhoni goes for the hit… and BOWLED!


Let’s face it – it sucks to know that you’re not legendary! Dhoni can hit those last ball sixes and win the match, but when you try to do things last minute… the bell goes off and the invigilator starts screaming “Pens down everyone!” You try to squeeze in words thinking they will miraculously (and quite illogically!) fetch you additional marks… till the invigilator comes around, snatches away your paper and all it reads is gibberish like “Thɇƨƺˁ…”. If only they gave you 5 more minutes… you’d have made Einstein proud. Or so you think.

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