10 Reasons Why Some People Never Fail to Nail their Interview

Don’t we all have that one person in our life who always ace’s his or her interviews and successfully charm the pants off their interviewers. At times, you are secretly guessing about their secret to success and thinking of how can you make sure that you get chosen or every interview is incredible? Well, below are the ten reasons why such people always rock their job interviews.

1. They do their Homework!


These people bring their A game to the table and do a religious background check about the organisation. They get themselves acquainted with the potential employer’s mission, achievements, milestones, website, blog, social media, press, quarterly reports and anything else they can find. They bring concrete numbers to the table and knowing every part of an organisation proves that the candidate is interested. So, the more you know, the more empowered you will feel and this is what makes them star interviewees.

2. Are Intelligently Inquisitive

Most of us take interviews as a single-inning match, where just the candidates have to bat the questions. But, most of the candidates impress their potential employers once they are on the other side of the pitch too. They clarify their doubts regarding the job role by posing questions with some personal tidbits and happily kill two birds with a single stone, like, ‘I teach kids at an NGO, will the job responsibilities allow me to be involved in projects?’

3. Great Story-tellers


The art of storytelling is one of the main reasons why these successful people nail every interview. For instance, “So, tell me a little about yourself” almost all job interview starts with this question and, this is the perfect opportunity where these people outdo others by telling a brief but memorable story about themselves, a story which explains, heart to heart, why they’re perfect for the job.

4.Dress to Impress


In order to be taken seriously, mannerisms, as well as appearance need to be appropriate. These people are the ones who wear well-ironed clothes and are comfortable with what they are wearing.

Quick Tip: Find out what the company culture is like and how people dress before deciding on what you’ll wear (think suits for banks, something business casual for ad agencies etc.).  

5. Confidence is their MVP

You won’t find them stammering or fiddling with their hands while answering questions. They come across as nice, sociable but, their real MVP is confidence which comes from the fact that knowledge = confidence. The more they know, the more empowered and confident they will feel.

6. Honesty is their policy

They are honest and don’t depend on lies about gaps or detours in the resume. They explain what they learned during the time off and how it will benefit them in the job they are applying for. They turn this into an advantage and they share how they used the off time for personal growth.

7. Follow  “Iceberg Strategy”


Their secret magic sauce to success is the “iceberg strategy”. How do they use it? They expose enough about themselves that they are interesting and the employer wants to hire them, but not so much that they only talk about themselves and bore the interviewer.

8. They Show What They Got

By combining their past experiences with research about the organisation and where it’s going, they show the potential employer hiring person what kind of impact they can make for his or her team in the future.

For instance, they could say something like, “During my leadership as President of the Sanitation and Hygiene Society in college, we successfully raised over one lac and built around 50 washrooms under my leadership, and through this experience, I think I can add a lot to the fundraising team in the organisation.

9. Clean Social Presence


These people make sure that their public profiles are employee friendly and up to date. They establish themselves as an authority online by either starting a blog, moderating a forum or just being active in a Linkedin group. They have recommendations on their profiles and these work as the old school resume references.

Do you Know? 92% of companies use social media for their recruitment, with one in three employers rejecting candidates based on something they found in their social profiles.

10. Only Positive Vibes

With a bright smile on their face, they are able to lift the moods of the interviewers. Positive attitude, humour combined with charisma, attracts everyone and even if they lack experience or a skill set, this is their trump card.

So, now that you know what goes into nailing an interview, make sure that you have ticked all the above boxes. Prepare well with the data and be aware of your strengths and know how you can use your imperfections to grow.

Now, go ace that interview!