Living life a Debaters way!

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
― Joseph Joubert

These words of Joseph Joubert perfectly describes the motto of life as a debater. You just can’t settle and accept anything or everything in life without debating the “for” and “against” of it. Leading a life of a debater is one hell of a roller-coaster ride and you love the adrenaline rush! Keep on reading below to know what it’s like to deal with a life of a debater.

Knowledge is Power!


Your morning isn’t complete until you have carefully gone through each and every page of dozens of newspapers and yes, it includes those weekly magazines too. You are actually one of those students who frequently binge watches debates on Youtube and all your friends look at you like, are you for real?

P.S. Not to forget those current affairs monthly magazine subscriptions!

Exposure and Experience

Being a debater carries its own set of perks and one of them is travelling. You get the opportunity to go for outstation events and explore new places and meet a new set of people. As a debater, you face people who possess a different style of debating than those whom you usually face in your local debating circuit. Debating brings you exposure and you gain a lot of invaluable experience in life and you ultimately become wiser.

A Loyal Listener

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” -Bernard Baruch

To be a great debater you need to be a good listener. Your friends love to rant about their life woes around you because you know that hearing out to other people’s views and problems are of immense help in the construction of your perspective on various matters and this bumps up your chances at winning debates 😉

Pro Note Taker


Thanks to those debating events where you mastered the art of making notes of your competitor’s arguments. You are now a pro at making notes and research work and your friends, as well as professors, always look up to you for inside classroom discussions and debates.

Determined Persuader

If you are a debater you know you are master of persuasion. Knowing that “two-thirds” sounds better than “75 percent” is the beauty of being a debater. The persuasion possibilities are infinite when you face critical circumstances like negotiating with your landlord for rent or convincing your friends to order pizza over pasta.

Not One to Forget!


As those debate rounds go at the speed of lightning and involve a lot of facts, figures and names in the mix, you are the person who remembers pretty much everything. And apparently, you remember things about others which they wish you would forget, like, three months ago your friend borrowed your favourite Batman t-shirt and hasn’t returned it yet.

Those Stupid Questions

“What do you debate? “What kind of debate do you do?” “How do you practice? “Oh, I bet you’re good at arguing!” Yes, I know the last one is not really a question but you are always pestered about it. Common folks often take arguing and debating as one of the same things and you often have a hard time explaining the difference between the two!

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So, on your marks, get set and Debate!