Revisit your childhood this Children’s Day!


Not so long ago, there used to be a time when we all used to believe that Santa Claus was real and lived in the north pole. Everything was so easy when colouring books, swings and watching TV was all we needed to feel happy! If you were born in the late 80’s or the 90’s you can’t help but feel nostalgic about how times were back then they are right now. Things were very different back then. You didn’t have a smartphone to entertain you or a need to constantly stay in touch to feel togetherness. We were lucky ones who earned a lifetime worth of memories, just before technology took over.

As a child, we all couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent and now, as we all have grown up, we miss our childhood.

Here’s a throwback to our innocence and naivety, and all those stupid things which we did and made us kids:

For every single one of us, school was the best thing about our childhood. But, what made it special was our friends. It was all about fun and giggles. Students were taught on a blackboard with chalk and duster, and the computer class was once in a week phenomenon.

school blsckboard.jpg

You used to play book cricket, tic tac toe, with our friends during free periods and as we grew up, FLAMES became the real source to know if the guy or the girl you had a crush on was going to be yours or not.



Each one of us used to wear these to the school and became a pro at painting and repainting these stylish Bata’s every other week.


And Natraj was your BFF when it came to stationary

Natraj Geometry Boxes.png

When it was the lunch break, your parents made sure you carried your lunch and water in these two.

Recess meant playing innovative games in the classroom like pen fight, paper rockets, paper balls and much more!


The naughty bunch of us were used to teacher’s scolding and secretly enjoyed getting punished together with your friends. From throwing chalk at you to making you “murgas”, punishments were often fun!


There was no Facebook But Slambook to figure out who had a crush on whom and who was whose best friend!


Back in those days, there were no fancy Xbox or PlayStation, the closest thing to video games was Game Boy and those brick games were such a craze in the late 90s, almost every kid had one.


Unlike today’s generation, we all used to eagerly look forward going to the playground and play games with our friends like Gully Cricket, Pitthu, Aankh Micholi, Gilli Danda, Hide and Seek, Stapu and so much more!


Board games were such a huge hit in the 90s, entire family used to sit together and play Ludo, Snakes & Ladder and that big Carrom board was one of your dearest assets. R.I.P. those striker injured fingers!


Remember bringing those WWF trump cards and Centre Fresh cricket cards to your friends and saying Bhai tu Sachin Tendulkar wala card Don Bradman se exchange karega?  Fun trading game 90’s Indian kids had.

trump cards.jpg

TV basically meant a huge ugly box and before Ekta Kapoor came out with her hit channel, this was the only existing tv channel.

dd1 logo

You used to binge watch variety of shows on Sunday like Shaktimaan, The Jungle Book, Tu Tu Main Main, Chandrakanta, Mowgli and Mahabharata. Even your parents used to join you back in those days!


You have probably read and re-read these comics as a kid and remember the characters by heart. Champak, Tinkle, Archies, Chacha-Chaudhary, Chanda Mama, Nanadan and no train or bus journey was complete without buying them!


You watched back to back episodes of Duck Tales, He-Man, Flinstones, Superman, Micky Mouse, Aladdin, Dennis the Menace, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Small Wonder & more. All these in Hindi!


You still have a huge stash of audio cassettes hidden somewhere in your closet and don’t have the heart to throw it off.  Back in those non-mp3 days, you used to listen to your favourite tunes on a walkman and became a total-pro on how to use a pencil to get those tapes fixed.


You still remember the lyrics to those ad-jingles by heart and you can never forget the melody of the “washing powder Nirma” song.


Birthday parties were really cool. You used to go to person’s house and all kids used to play games like musical chairs and no, party was complete without these drinks!

drinks 90s.jpg

You used to buy chewing gums like big-babol or boomer, for the sake of freebies like tattoos and tazoos. Collecting them was a real hobby!

chewing gum.jpg

Pepsi and cola had different meanings back in the day!

pepsirola cola


Kids from late 80’s and 90’s had an amazing childhood! Pity, today’s generation won’t get the chance to experience such a childhood and the only games they are going to play are Fruit Ninja, Temple Run and Angry Birds!

So, don’t forget to tag and share this post with your chuddy-buddies and never let the child inside you die!

Happy Children’s Day!