Do You Have It In You To Be A ‘SUITS’ Lawyer?

Tareekh Pe Tareekh! Tareekh Pe Tareekh! Is this your inner voice, when you feel life is being too lazy to give you what you deserve? Your friends don’t like to order food with you as they are well aware of your tagline – ‘Jo Vakil paise lauta de, Wo vakil nahi hota‘. You know what your friend’s forlorn face speaks, as – ‘Doctor se beemari aur vakil se pareshani, nahi chupti’. If your friends come upto you and say – ‘ Kis baat ka dar hai, Yaar apna Lawyer hai‘ , this article is for you. I am sure, many of you must have tried to ape that gait, the style, the brandishing attitude of the Lawyers from SUITS! And while binge-watching the famous American series, you must have tried to figure out whose personality resonates with yours. This article will help you find out your perfect SUITS Match!!

Without much Ado, let’s find out which ‘SUITS’ lawyer are you??

1. The ‘Winner’ attitude like Harvey Specter?

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Reginald Specter

Are you a charmer with all your confidence and the vigor to win big or win at all costs? Do you believe in goals more than dreams? Are people at your firm, envious of your good looks and your confidence easily slips toward into an arrogant, smarmy “know-it-all”-ness? If the answers to all the ‘Do yous‘ is a big Yes, you are a lawyer just like Harvey Specter! Harvey is a name partner at Pearson Specter. He makes sure, he goes beyond all hurdles to win a case, it may be through settlements or trial. He takes up clients he believes in and ensures he keeps his words to them. He has an air of defiance coupled with epigrammatic remarks. But also has a soft side for his loved ones – Donna Paulsen and Mike Ross!

2. You utter Legal Jargons like Mike Ross?

USA CORPORATE — “USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits” — Pictured: Patrick J. Adams from Suits — (Photo by Jill Greenberg/USA Network)

Lawyers insert legalese and other perplexing jargon into every other sentence so that they leave the average person dizzy and confused. Well, that is to claim who is the boss. But Are you genuinely passionate about Articles and Sections and Codes? Do you have a supersonic memory to actually hold all these laws carefully and apply it at the points, just where others are missing? Imagine you’re stuck in traffic and some random person breaks the signal and all you can utter, in dismay is – ‘ The 177 Motor Vehicle Act got you.’ Your ‘lawyer traits’ match with that of Mike Ross. Mike James Ross, a junior partner at Pearson Specter, is a passionate lawyer who breaks the law to perform law. He has all the legal jargons at his tips and makes use of his mind-boggling memory to find out solutions to difficult of cases. He wins Harvey’s trust by his compassion and dedication towards law, despite being a drop-out!

3. Arid Detachment- Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Being a lawyer, one needs to have a hold over their emotions. Personal experiences or opinions cannot cloud their ability to judge and analyze a case. They generally are arid and dispassionate and try to maintain a highly unemotional disposition. If you’re the one for whom work is worship, it’s beyond your personal state of affairs and you can make threats, serious ones; hello to the Jessica Pearson in You! Jessica is the managing partner at Pearson Specter. She knows how to boss and can make people learn that she can control them. She is a fierce woman who knows that one can’t have the biggest law firms by losing. She never lets her love/personal life meddle with her work and even comprises the former for the sake of the latter. She is revered for her dedication and plays an important role in Harvey’ success.

4. Extremely Competitive like Louis Litt?

USA CORPORATE — “USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits” — Pictured: Rick Hoffman from Suits — (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)

Lawyers can be competitive when they feel underprivileged. Every lawyer works really hard to prise out the requisites to build and win a case. If you’re the kind of similar feelings but you also have the heart to keep aside your issues for the best of the firm, Louis Litt defines you the best. He is a name partner at Pearson Specter Litt, who is the firm’s leading authority and expert on all financial matters and the direct supervisor of the firm’s associate attorneys. He knows how to bend laws but is highly competitive with Harvey as he feels his position is understated. However, he considered Harvey as a great lawyer and kept aside his personal issues when the firm’s future was at stake.

5. Personally Ambitious like Rachel Zane?

Rachel Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

You cannot be a successful lawyer if you’re satisfied with your current state. Lawyers have the tendency to push their limits to the extreme, to achieve their aspirations. They love to work and learn beyond their capacities and put their endurance to test. If you are the one, who tends to work on improving yourself further, your personality resonates with that of Rachel Zane’s. Despite being a daughter to a famous attorney Robert Zane, she lives on her own to prove a point that she could be a great lawyer too. She starts as a Paralegal at Pearson Specter and works tirelessly to become a lawyer. Rachel fails to clear her LSATs due to test anxiety. However, with Mike’s help, she gets a decent score which gets her into Columbia Law School. She is the first associate to be hired outside of Harvard. She juggles between her law school and being an associate to Harvey Specter.

6. Determined & Challenging like Travis Tanner?

Eric Close as Travis Tanner

Lawyers at times can be extremely challenging and do not take defeats lightly. This attitude helps them to become better at their game. If you’re the one who is determined to carve your niche by hook or by crook and leave no stone unturned to go after people who steal your thunder; Travis Tanner complements your traits. He is introduced in the season-one episode “Undefeated” as a senior partner at Clyde McPhee, a firm in Boston. Before he met Harvey, Tanner had never lost a case. However after Harvey defeats him, he is all set to come again and again to dismantle Harvey’s position as a lawyer. But in later seasons, he shuns the consummate professional, well-known cocky confidence and becomes a milder person, adopting a ‘reacting rather than attacking’ approach with a confidence in his abilities.

I hope you are all suited up. And those who haven’t watched this amazing series, click here. If you have Lawyer friends, tag them and tell them which SUITS lawyer are they!! Till then the Article is Adjourned!!