7 Top Technology Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Entrepreneurship is not just having an idea and giving it a shot. It’s about adding value to it and also be able to spread the word in the most comprehensive of manners. We share a ‘Juno’s Swans’ relationship with technology, inseparable! So why not mould the Valyrian steel into a sword?? With some taps on the keyboard you can surf through variety of tech tools that will not only make your life easy breezy but also guide you throughout the evolution of your business.


But why worry when TheCollegeFever has jotted down 7 best tools that can give you and your business the extra edge.

1. Grammarly

Impeccable grammar, rich vocabulary and style are imperative for perfect content writing strategy, sending proposals to investors and formulated communication with customers. Do you haggle with your brain while thinking which preposition would fit in the particular sentence? Then leave your woes to Grammarly. It is a writing improvement application backed by machine learning algorithms which identify grammatical and stylistic errors, incorrect sentence structure and various other English language errors which otherwise only a professional proofreader can help you correct. Grammarly offers two versions i.e., paid and unpaid.The paid version comes with plagiarism detection as well as various other features for a certain price whereas the basic version offers limited features like spell check, syntax and punctuation editing.


2. Amy

Amy is the latest chatbot created by x.ai to help entrepreneurs who are busy managing routine meetings, communicating with clients, workers and investors. It is a personal assistant which assists you in managing as well as saving your valuable time for remaining crucial tasks. The chatbot on accepting a meeting request will schedule time, place and rest of the aspects of your meeting through email or any other communication medium.This chatbot solution makes life simpler without going through the hassles of downloading any app or creating any account.The unpaid version offers five meetings per month whereas the paid version comes with unlimited meetings, quick access and separate team accounts.



3. Crystal Knows

Get your personality outline drafted with Crystal Knows. It draws profile data from the internet by going through websites like LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. Crystal provides access to this information and renders sales professionals with persona-specific email templates, established on the receiver’s persona. This kind of information will improve sales pros communication with customers, investors, workers and prospects. It can be integrated with email apps and web as well as desktop-based software apps too. It also gives sales phrase suggestions and templates, making it simple to use.


4. Legal Robot

Need a  guide through the complicated and blurred cosmos of legal agreements? Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this tool makes top-level legal standards devised from a massive amount of contracts which includes a wide spectrum of industry scenarios and cases. To make it easier for the layman to understand legal phrases and terminology, the tool changes the difficult legal language into simple and non-technical one. It also enhances readability as well as uniformity of the contracts and ensures the compliance of contracts with best models and practices.


5. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

Ran out of blog ideas or perplexed as to which kind of content aligns with your requirements? Head to HubSpot, which aids marketers with value added content strategies.It gives suggestions regarding which topic to pursue after analysing competitors and its significance. It also does competitor analysis itself and helps in developing successful content marketing campaigns.


6. Curata

You cannot serve a Mexican Platter at a South Indian restaurant. So is the case with the ready content. Curata, assists marketers in finding and distributing outsourced content. The tool utilizes machine learning with NLP, to know about user content choices and discover more content which agrees with these preferences. After finding the content, the tool itself will compile all the content for quick sharing.


7. Buffer for Business

No business can flourish unless they have a strong hold on the varied Social Media forums. But one needs to constantly keep themselves updated to ace the game. Buffer shoulders the responsibility of scheduling posts from the application to the business’ social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, App.net and Google+. The Buffer for business is an extension of the Buffer. Following are the extended features:

  • More specified analytics that allow comparisons between different metrics, such as between retweets clicks and posts and sorts and accumulates data according to the user’s preferences.
  • The Team Collaboration feature helps managers and contributors to exercise the requisite control over the accounts and can allow more members onboard.
  • Data Statistics and Analytics can be easily exported to any reports or documents.


These tools are going to save you lot of efforts and time, which can be channelized into curating and strengthening your ideas. These tech tools provide a strong framework to your goals. But yeah, you gotta realise, that for materializing your dreams you gotta work equally hard. For technology supports you but cannot be you!