7 Celeb Beards You Can Sport For No-Shave November

It’s 1st November people, the beginning of  NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! Time to shun the razor, gentleman, as the fairer sex likes that mustachioed , stubbly and rough look of yours. But before trashing that razor or shaving it all at once. Don’t you think you must give your actions a thought? Before getting to knowing who these 7 male icons are. Let’s understand why this is so important.

What is No Shave November??

According to No – Shave November  “No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.!” The idea is to embrace your hair, which cancer patients lose and donate the money one usually spends on grooming their hair, for the cause.


Origin of No – Shave November

This revolutionizing campaign started in 2009 in Chicago by 8 sons and daughters of a man who died of colon cancer. They initiated it to create awareness for the deadly disease which took their father away. Over 6 years this became a popular thing to do among many throughout the country.

It’s time you say Goodbye to the unkempt, scrabbly and shaggy beard and give them the look they deserve. Here are 7 classy beard looks rocked by exceedingly handsome male icons from all over the World.



7. Shahid Kapoor

The Indian actor never fails to impress us with his ecstasy and varied styles of beard. The most appealing look is his Scruffy Beard with a Moustache. The well-kempt and shiny beard is perfect to go with any attire. Whether it be some casual date or a high-end party.  ‘Let it Grow’ and don’t forget to comb it to keep it in place. Also, give your mustache that Rajputana twist!

Shahid Kapoor

6. Virat Kohli

The young and talented Indian Captain has left girls swooning with his tough personality. He has supposedly carried the sharpest beard style giving that jawline the perfect edge, enough to make people go into a frenzy.  Maintaining his long stubble beard style is not a thing of few days. You constantly need to trim your beard to attain the perfect length. Also, clear the neck area for that organized look.

Virat Kohli

5. Benedict Cumberbatch

The SHERLOCK star who likes to keep it shaved and awesome left us jaw-dropped with that mustache and goatee look from Doctor Strange.  The British actor flawlessly adorns a goatee and makes us drool with that perfect accent, those heightened cheekbones, and gaze. Maintaining a goatee isn’t rocket science but with a little care and precision, you can nail the look. Follow the angle of your mustache to know how wide the goatee must be on your chin.

Benedict Cumberbatch

4. Robert Downey Jr.

How can we forget Tony Stark who has given men, major beard goals? As the Iron Man, he has sported the Balbo Beard Style and slew us all with an air of perfect hotness. The Balbo involves a mustache and then a goatee which extends along the jaw without the goatee ever connecting with the mustache. In the case of the Sherlock Holmes star, the goatee isn’t as long or thick as a regular Balbo and there is some trailing of facial hair to connect the goatee to the mustache.

Robert Downey Jr.

3. Robert Pattinson

The blue-eyed ‘Twilight’ actor makes us girls, skip a beat. He looks like the perfect guy any girl would wanna date, with his Shadow beard. The style makes him look smoulderingly sophisticated and gives him the gravitas. You can get this look, 2 days after completely shaving off the mane.

Robert Pattinson

2. Ryan Gosling

‘City of Stars, are you shining just for me?’ The gorgeous Ryan Gosling is known for playing with his beard in the most beautiful of ways. His acting, singing and Jazz skills on that Rugged Beard Look is a feast for the eyes. It’s low maintenance and easy, stylish and gives you an edgy appeal.

Ryan Gosling

1. Chris Evans

Who can sport a beard better than Captain America himself?  With that perfectly chiseled face, every beard style just looks astoundingly stupendous. The Full beard with connected mustache look swept me off my feet. It’s superbly classy and sophisticated. The elegant style involves having a heavy and well-trimmed beard extending from right jawline to the left while meeting the preened sideburns. There is a matching well trimmed strong mustache connected to the beard on both the sides.

Chris Evans

I feel this is the most gorgeous article, I have ever written. With all the charming men rocking the world by their perfectly kempt and styled beards, befitting one article. So Guys here is a piece that shall make you feel, it’s time to give a meaning to this year’s No-Shave November with class, loads of style and donations for the cause. With great beard comes greater responsibility and even girls trust a man with beards…Embrace your awesomeness!!