7 cool break-worthy web series

Us millennials were born an unlucky lot. Our childhood was ruined by the incessant overdose of sass-less saas-es whipping their bahus (figuratively). Dinners ended in nightmares as the TV started blaring “rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai…”. Somehow, we lived to tell the tale. And then, at long last, God had mercy on us. American sitcoms made their way to our TV’s and suddenly, it wasn’t so bad anymore. And then, came our revolution.

Unless you’ve just been born, in which case, you wouldn’t be reading this anyway, you would be no stranger to the concept called ‘web series’. Sitcoms have now moved from the idiot box sitting lazily at home to the internet. Which means, all you need now, is a good internet, and you have the stuff to watch on the go. So for all those stuck in traffic, or poor students looking for a break from studying, here are 7 cool web series you don’t want to miss –

  1. Inside Edge

Released in July 2017, this is a must-watch for all you cricket fans. Starring biggies like Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadha, the show unravels the dark side of the Gentleman’s Game. The plot is based around a fictional team called Mumbai Mavericks, playing in the PowerPlay League (PPL – related to IPL maybe? Or maybe not?). The show has all it takes to be the perfect thriller – cricket, money, politics, sex. Catch the 10 episodes at Amazon Prime.

2) H+: The Digital Series

Humans. Internet. 2 entities – now fused into 1. If the gripping storyline is not enough to make you want to exhaust your Jio per-day limit on this one, we have a further incentive for you. Bryan Singer – no kidding – is at the helm of this project. The man who gave us action suckers the MARVEL-lous (pun intended) series called X-men, is now out to thrill and kill with this future-based apocalyptic sci-fi series. Released way back in 2012, it is a delight you wished you had seen years ago if only you had internet faster than 2G.

3) Life Sahi Hai

This is for us boys. The bachelors. The heartbroken aashiqs. And everyone else who loved Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Life Sahi Hai revolves around the life, or whatever is left of it, of 4 semi-adult guys staying in Delhi. The series manages to capture the struggle of everyday life as hilariously as its movie counterpart. You do not want to miss this one. I repeat, DO NOT miss this one!

4) Lovebytes

Ladies, we know you’re feeling left out of the party after the last suggestion. So this one is for you chickas. If the name isn’t already explanatory enough, the series is about a couple in a live-in relationship. It beautifully captures the dynamics of a relationship that is favored by most millennials but is looked down upon by society. Although a chick-flick by description, dudes will not want to give this a cold shoulder either. After all, we know the soft heart that lies behind those rock-hard pecs yearns for a bit of a love. Go ahead, watch it! *secretly*. We won’t tell anyone!

5) Master of None

Time for some Netflix and chill. Chill referring to popcorn and chips though, in our sanskari India. Master of None is an American comedy series, released for streaming on Netflix in 2015. It showcases the life of Dev Shah, a 30-something, middle-class professional as he goes about his personal and professional life. The line above doesn’t sound glamorous, and that’s precisely what the show is about – the reality of everyday, blitz-less life. It is a cool, funny watch which is bound to take all stress away after a hard day of brain hammering at work or school. Critically acclaimed and recipient of many awards, this definitely belongs on your to-see list.

6) TVF Pitchers

All you MBA aspirants, the business lovers, the commerce geeks… finally India has something for you. TVF brings to you Pitchers, a web series about the life of 4 youth who go about managing their startups. The ups, the downs, the cool, the fool – it’s a complete corporate package. Season 1 released back in 2015, and if you haven’t already watched it, you might want to, right now!

7) What The Folks (WTF)

For a generation grown and fed up of watching a tyrant saas make hell with her bahu, WTF offers a transition for those who might be trying to get out of the godforsaken serials. The web series has a similar in-laws-based setup, but with a twist. This time, it’s the MAN who is staying with his in-laws. Fear not though, there’s no rona dhona drama here. It’s all about comical situations and hilarious lines epitomizing his poor life. This is, as they say, classical Indian with a twist!

Go ahead, watch these! You can thank us later…