Kangana Ranaut & AIB : The Bollywood Diva Song

Kangana Ranaut

The Latest AIB video is out, and this time it features Kangana Raut and the Diva Song.

Recently Kangana has been making the headlines for not just her film roles. She has spoken up repeatedly on nepotism in the film industry, and the fact that families and friends of Bollywood have a huge advantage over outsiders.

She has also been repeatedly speaking about sexism in the Bollywood film industry. She also said this sexism gets reflected not just in attitudes towards women, but also in the roles that are created for them.

We do not have lovable ambitious characters when it comes to women. When a man does that, he’s called a maverick, multi-faceted and saviour but when a woman does that she becomes ruthless. Selfish is the word given to them”.

AIB and Kangana get together for this video, where they take on the nepotism and sexism in the film industry, In less than a week, the video has reached 3 million views, and it is rapidly going even more viral. While in some quarters the song has gotten flak for it’s raunchy lyrics, others have praised it for calling out sexism in a fun way.

The video is set in a fictional shoot, for a song, where Kangana’s character (a nuclear physicist) objects ) objects to a line “Mere seene pe mal de iodex, hoton se’ (apply iodex on my forehead with your lips). She says her character wouldn’t say stuff like that. The director, who initially cannot recognise his own lead lady – shooes her off. A minute later the hero says the same thing, and it is accepted.

The song talks about the innate sexism in Bollywood. But, if you speak with people in Bollywood they will tell you that it is society that is sexist and Bollywood merely reflects that.

What do you think?