Thor : Ragnarok and Justice League Trailers … what do you think

And the big boom boom boom trailers are here, announcing the release of the big films for this year, from Marvel, and DC

Thor : Ragnarok

Thor must escape the planet of Saakar to return to his kingdom and overthrow the evil Hela, who has overthrown his father.

Along the way he picks up a friend — the Hulk, and a foe — Loki — to help him with his task. Like most superhero films, this too has great battle scenes, one liners, and some fabulous action

Justice League

This film is set immediately after the events of Superman v/s Batman and looks at a world without superman.

Batman and his allies — Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, and Wonderwoman have to battle great evil to save Earth Will they succeed

Which trailer do you find more interesting ?