What is Social Justice, and why should it matter to you ?

Social Justice

Social Justice is the idea that all members of society deserve an equal footing in terms of opportunities, political rights, and distribution of wealth and privilege so that they can lead fulfilling lives and realize their potential in the community.

This is an important idea, and Governments across the world try and make sure that it is achieved. They still have a long way to go, but at least the attempts are on.

For you it means, irrespective social class, caste, community, background, gender — you will be treated the same way as someone else, and be given an equal footing to get ahead.

Whether you join government, or work in the private sector; whether you work in India, or go abroad to seek your fortune — this principle remains true. Reservation for economically and socially disadvantaged groups, is an example of social justice in action. As are zero fees for girls.

But, in the modern era people are asking if social justice methods are even needed. But, where you have deep inequalities, as we have across the world — social justice is needed. Take a look at this video from the International Labour Organisation, on what is Social Justice

Why should it matter to you? Because you deserve not to be discriminated against. And, you deserve the same opportunities to succeed as someone else

Also worth watching, this excellent play list from Ted Talks — many of the situations are from the west, but the concepts apply across the world .