If You Text while Crossing the Road …

… then you are liable to be run over, unless you live in the German city of Augsburg. They have installed traffic lights on the floor, so that those who text, or play games, while crossing the road can see the signal

In large Indian cities with the volume of vehicular traffic, and pedestrians, neither of whom follow the traffic signal, people looking into the phone while on the road, especially while crossing the road, are especially in danger of meeting with a fatal accident.

The Dutch city of Bodegraven has done the same. Bodegraven

has installed LED light strips on the sidewalk that synchronize with traffic signals and turn red or green at pedestrian crossings, so that people can’t miss them even if their eyes are cast down toward their smartphone screens.

Do you think that something like this will work in India, or will people get run over, because cars aren’t stopping at the red light ?