3 Qualities that you will have to Develop to be a Leader

We often talk about people having great leadership skills. And, many of us think we are leaders. Most of us don’t think we are followers. But, when companies recruit, they look for something they call “leadership potential’. Are leaders born, or can you inculcate leadership skills?

Everything can be learned, and so can be core leadership skills.

The first one you need to practise are communication skills. Contrary to what movies tell you, communication skills are not about standing on a rock (or a podium) and delivering an inspiring speech, and get people to follow you in to war. In every day life communication skills means the ability to clearly and concisely explain to people the following :

1. The Goal — where are you going

2. The route — which path are you taking

3- What is their role in it — what are going to be doing.

whether it is putting on a college play, or running a business, these three are the core to develop communication skills.

A large part of leadership skills includes listening to other people. So learn these skills.

The second very important skill to hone, is responsibility. Is the person responsible. Will they take charge, and take responsibility for their actions. When things go wrong, we often blame other people. Good Leaders says, “sorry, i messed up. I should have thought of this before”. And to do this, you have to inculcate an added skills, breaking down activities, and planning for them to succeed or failing. It is when you do a thorough job on the planning phase, that you can actually take responsibility effectively.

Creativity — Great leaders have to be creative. When nothing goes as per plan, then the leader needs to be able to think creatively to come up with solutions. In work, as in college, everything that can go wrong tends to. At times like this, how quickly can you find a solution.

Among the things you can do to hone your leadrship skills, is learn to play computer games.

Stephen Gillett, a gamer who became chief information officer of Starbucks while still in his 20s. By playing “World of Warcraft” Gillet developed the ability to influence and persuade people through leadership rather than trying to order them around.

Even games like angry birds helps. So, the next time you get yelled at for spending too much time playing computer games, you should respond “but, i am learning leadership skills’