India Facebook’s #1 country, What does this mean for you?


Facebook has crossed 2 billion users worldwide, announced Mark Zukenberg, a few weeks ago, This means one out of ever 4 people in the world, is on Facebook.

Last week it was clear, that India has overtaken the USA, to be the country with most FB users. The USA has 240million users (out of a population of 321 million people), India has 241 million users (out of a population of 1.3 billion).

What does this mean for you:

People will not just be using Facebook to their friends and families, companies will be using FB to reach their audiences : there will be jobs that include FB marketing, understanding FB analytics, creating FB communities and more. It could also mean, creating apps for FB.

One of the things you must do, is to keep a regular tab on the FB developers site, which tells you how to keep abreast with what FB is doing, in a way that helps you plan a career.