3 Bollywood Films that have Great Lessons for Life

Rocket Singh (Ranbir Kapoor) — an ordinary young man, not a topper, but a hard working, charming, honest person lands a job in sales. It is his journey that is simply worth watching. As he says, “38% in 10th, 38% in 12th, and 39% in BCom. From the time that he lands an interview, and tries to sell a broken pencil (a test), to his career path, the film is about the never say die attitude of Rocket Singh. It is inspiring, because most of us don’t have any great contacts, or even great marks to land a job based on that. Everytime, one feels low, this is a good film to watch to boost morale.


Chak De India — can the underdog win ? Can a team that has only lost, find it’s way to the top. Yes, they can. Driven by a coach , Kabir Khan — Shahrukh Khan in an understated performance, the women of team India get to learn how good they are. It is a film for everyone who thinks they can’t reach the top. They can.

Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar — one of Aamir Khan’s early films, tells the story of a young student, who only wants fun, grow up to shoulder responsibility, and the fire to win. Winning is an attitude, and the change in the character of the hero tells you about what it takes to win.

Which film do you find the most inspiring ? Do let us know.