Supreme Court of India stays Counselling in Government funded Engineering Colleges….

including the IIT’s, NIIT’s, and more, as they try and sort out the issues that have cropped up due to the IIT’s decision to award 18 bonus or grace marks for all students

According to the Times of India,

The bench is examining IIT’s decision to award 18 bonus marks to all the candidates (11 marks for incorrect questions in Paper II and 7 marks for incorrect questions in Paper I) irrespective of whether they attempted the said questions or not.

There were ‘wrong’ questions in some of the papers. The IIT’s decided to award marks to everyone. One student challenged the IIT order in court. She believed that this would impact their chances of getting into the IIT of her choice, and the engineering stream that she wanted to study. And, she is right. the Entrance exams are superbly tough, and a one mark difference can lead to many hundred places behind in the ranks. 18 marks will do serious damage to students who have done well.

The Supreme Court is of the opinion that bonus marks can only be given to those students who attempted the question, not everyone. Which kind of seems fair. But, the lawyer for the IIT, KK Venugapal, claims that the wrong questions were in the Hindi Paper, and,

“We do not know who took test in Hindi. It is very difficult to find out and that is why it was decided that bonus marks be given to all students. Till date, more than 33,000 have already taken admission and whole process would have to be started afresh if merit list is revised,”

This decision impacts large numbers of students who have opted for various engineering programmes across the country.

Live Law Reports that

A bench of justices Dipak Misra and A M Khanwilkar in the order said “we are inclined to direct that no counselling or admission to the seats in IIT-JEE (Advance) 2017 shall take place until further order.”

The IIT’s have said that this is going to throw the entire process of admission into disarray. Around 33,000 students have already accepted their seats, and have submitted the paperwork for admission. They (the IIT’s) believe, that the entire admission process may be thrown out of gear for this academic year, for the IIT’s, NIIT’s, IIIT’s and GFTI’s.

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