Successful People Meditate. Shouldn’t You ?

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CEO’s mediate. Founder Meditate. Athletes Meditate. Actors Meditate. Top managers meditate. Teachers meditate. Almost every successful individual ends up spending time alone , clearing their mind and focusing on the one thing. That one thing could be “god’, it could be a business problem, it could be an academic problem. We all know that when we focus on a problem deeply, sometimes the solution comes to us.

Meditation is a way of helping us focus better. It is usually time spent alone, trying to clear our mind of all the clutter, and focus on a a single thing. This single thing could be anything — a chant, a candle, a word, an image in your mind, or even complete blankness (that is very difficult to do).

Meditation has a number of benefits that you can read about here, but most people who meditate tell you that it gives them lots of self confidence. It also really helps with problem solving. Often when you focus on a problem, the mind helps you solve it.

It isn’t difficult to meditate, but like everything else, you need to practise it for it to work for you. Closing your eyes for 30 seconds, in which you check the mobile twice, is not meditation. You don’t need any special thing to meditate, just the willingness.

In this video, motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari, talks about meditating anytime, anywhere.