Chocolates are Good for Improving your Brain Power

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True Story.

Who doesn’t like chocolates in any shape and form. But, right from childhood we are told, they are bad for you. They will destroy your teeth. Make you put on weight. Give you diabetes. Cause pimples. Lots of horror stories to keep you away from delicious chocolate.

But, never fear!! Research is here to help you battle those who keep you away from your chocolate. Italian scientits have discovered that Cocoa, the bean that is used in chocolates, contains the compound flavanols,

may have the potential to help maintain healthy brain function and chart the course for future research that could lead to new solutions for preventing cognitive decline and dementia, according to a panel of scientists who presented new data at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

They said eating of chocolate, with this flavanol

was associated with increased blood flow to grey matter for 2 to 3 hours,” Macdonald said. “This raises the possibility that certain food components like cocoa flavanols may be beneficial in increasing brain blood flow and enhancing brain function among older adults or for others in situations where they may be cognitively impaired, such as fatigue or sleep deprivation.”

So imagine you are preparing for your exams, or projects — unwrap a chocolate, eat it, and continue working 🙂