5 Top Qualities of Managers — Do You Have Them

Whether we study Engineering or Management, whether you study Arts, Science or Commerce, we will all end up with a job, hopefully. And, in that job we have to manage. When we manage, time, energy and effort — in an organisation, we become manager.

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So what are the top qualities of a manager, that recruiters look for :

Passion for your area of work : You must really be enthusiastic about the are that you work in, and be able to see how you will grow there. That means some of research to find out what the career entails. Ask people who work in that space, what the career is like. Read up online, to find out more.

Self Motivation : What do you know beyond what is there in the syllabus?If you want to work in Artificial Intelligence, have you read up on what is going on, apart from your textbooks? If you want a career in business journalism, are you upto date on what is going on in the world of business ? When people hire they look for self motivation, because work life has nothing from a given syllabus. Everyday is a surprise question.

Communication : Be clear in both written and verbal communication. Practise in front of the mirror if you have to. Don’t try and deliberately clever to impress people — it usually doesn’t work. Keep it short, simple, and easy to understand. It would be good if you had some communication samples.

Problem Solving : Work life is about problem solving. Either it is a people problem, or a client problem, or an accounts problem, or a coding problem. How good are you at problem solving. It would help if you were a member of a college organising committee.

Ambition : It is not enough to say “i am ambitious”, you need to have a plan to ‘be the best’. What it shows is that you have applied yourself to thinking about how you will reach the top

Very little of what the employer tells you is in your books. It is outside the syllabus. So while you are studying, and partying through college life, think about these too.