4 Things Virat Kohli has to say about a Winning Attitude

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A few days ago, India Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli was being interviewed after India lost to Sri Lanka, and won against South Africa. While his answers are specific to the game, there is a lot we can learn about attitude to success, winning, losing, and planning — all qualities of a good leader.

You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

Number 1 — Be Honest

“You have to be honest. You have to sometimes say things that hurt. That’s what I believe in. You have to lay it out in front of them that this is what we did wrong, including me, and we need to take it on the chin and accept it and prove it.

This is true whether it India playing a game, or you and I studying and getting low marks in a paper. Brutal honesty works. Unless we are able to tell ourselves “This is where we went wrong”, it is going to be very difficult to fix, and reach the top.

This is a consistent trait in super successful people — the ability to introspect, come up with the answers, and be brutally honest with themselves.

Number 2 : Make New Mistakes

“You can’t do the same mistakes over and over again.”

This comes out of the first point of being honest with yourself. The moment you introspect on where you went wrong, and are honest about it, to yourself, you will stop making that particular mistake, and mastering that area of work. This allows you to do something new — and make new mistakes. Mistakes, and correcting those mistakes, by analysing your own actions, helps you grow.

Number 3 : Have a detailed plan

I don’t know the figures. I don’t know how many maiden overs or dot balls, but something that we spoke about, we executed that, and that always feels good as a team. You know, I’m really delighted for all the bowlers to have executed their plans well in such a big game.

Whether you are studying, working, making a project, or going out on a date — a plan helps. And, a good plan will have a back up plan too. Think through a plan, stick to the plan, and the chances of success are higher

Number 4 : Talk with others

Kohli says that he asked former captain Dhoni for advice. You have to put your ego aside, and ask for help or advice. People are always willing to help. But, you have to make the first move.

Today it was all about asking him whether to keep the slip in there long enough or what does he think of the fields and just taking assurance. Obviously you don’t want to feel isolated out there. Yes, you’re making decisions, but the inputs from such experienced players are priceless at any stage of the day.