To write Algorithms like Google, You Need to Start here …

Computer programming is basically about telling the computer what to do, in a series of steps, that will solve a particular problem. This is called an algorithm, also known popularly, in colleges, as an algo.

Most of use algorithms in every day life, to solve problems, without even thinking about it. A series of repetitive tasks.

We come across algorithms daily, and don’t even notice them in action. Your facebook feed, for example is made up all the things you you are interested in. FB’s algoritham figures out what you like, what you don’t like, who you interact with, and shows you the most relevent posts. The same is true of youtube, you and i will get different videos, based on our tastes. Dating sites like Tinder, and shopping sites like Amazon too use algorithms to personalise your experience.

Here is a fun 5minute watch on Algorithms.

And, here, from the Khan Academy, is a slightly more serious take on algorithms

source : here

So the starting point is to learn how to express a problem, and write an algorithm for it.

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