Elon Musk on Climate Change

Super Star Entrepreneur Elon Musk is passionately committed to both the environment and the future of the planet. He started Tesla, Space X, and SolarCity to try and help build a more sustainable world.

In the interview, from 2013, he talks about how he began thinking about all these when he was at university, when he looked at what would be the problems that need to be solved for the future.

When Donald Trump became President, he invited Elon Musk became part of a White House advisory forum. Musk said,

My goals are to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and to help make humanity a multi-planet civilization, a consequence of which will be the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs and a more inspiring future for all.

Last week, following America’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, that is aimed at reducing carbon emissions and retard global warming, Musk resigned from the advisory forum.

Watch this video, where Musk explains why climate change is important

For countries like India, with a large population, and rapidly developing, Climate change can have a huge impact.

source : eltpics on flickr

Green products and solutions, will be hot careers of the not so distant future. One way to get into this, is to start thinking what problems will India (or the world) face in the future, and what can you do to help solve them.