3 APP’s To Improve Your Memory

With the next term looming on the horizon, we are all faced with prospects of studies, notes, assignments, and exams. Every student has a problem that they have to much to remember, and their brain cannot seem to handle the volume.

While most of us exercise to improve our physical stamina, it is just as important for us to exercise our memory to help us remember better, and faster. There are ways that are convenient, free, and available on your smartphone. Here are the top 3 apps, that we found, that will help improve your memory

Peak : the winner of the Best of 2016 apps award, awarded by Google for android apps, Peak has great games that improve your memory, attention, and problem solving liabilities.

It allows you to chart your progress, and allows you to test your improvement against all those who are playing.

And, most importantly, you can do this while travelling, when in the canteen, or just simply bored. The games are fun, and help not just improve your memory, but also make you feel good.

You can download it from here for android, and here for iOS.

Lumosity : There are 25 games, that allow you to train 5 key areas, including memory. The games are fun, timed, and you can train yourself in less than 15 minutes a day. What is more, the 15 minutes can be split up into 3 minutes each. Play as you go, and train the brain for more.

You can download Lumosity for android here, and for iOS here.

Elevate ; is a popular brain training tool, with a focus on memory improvement, maths skills, and improving attention. It has won multiple awards, and is used by over 10 million people. It too has timed games, and the ability to monitor your progress.

You can download elevate for Android here, and for iOS here.

All three apps, have paid versions. But, the free versions are really good.

Tell us, what are your favourite memory apps.