What made the #CampusStories

Interacting with young energetic students, helping them unfold and manage their dream college events — TheCollegeFever team felt they needed an addition to provide value. After all, it’s an interaction dais for students.

With pondering of the missing aspects, a question came up to our minds. Why not bring up a platform to read and write about fun, achievements and vibrant affairs in the campuses? The experience of indulging with young students in college made it evident that college life is beyond studies and fests. There’s more to it. So this is what happened a few days back:

#CampusStories in the making

One of the most beautiful chapters in the book called Life — cherished, treasured college days. The pranks played, the achievements during that time-frame, the friends made — all of this makes every bit of college life compound to mean a lot. Each person has a story to tell, of adventures and misadventures during college life! And so, we thought of exploring memories of the campus lives by capturing stories.

Be it motivating, as that of Sheryl Rebecca or aspirations of young Ishan Savio or life inside the IIM-B Campus.

Sheryl’s Will power moved us!

The journey of framing up and unearthing stories was a mixture of curiosity and happiness. The core idea behind the venture was to make a space for students to write amazing stories of themselves or their friends or anything related to their college life which they feel are worth sharing to the world.

This idea was very closely intertwined to our vision to create a student community which shares and works to catalyze a better world!

We got to know about Sheryl Rebecca, our protagonist of the first featured story, from a newsletter of the college she is presently studying in. Interacting with her made us realize that she was not just a young girl who has survived an accident which got her leg amputated, but someone with immense talent and willpower, no matter what! Same goes for Ishan Savio. We got a chance to showcase his talent and widen opportunities of turning his idea into reality.

Ishan following his heart’s call

Each story that we are gathering has been so personal and close to the heart of TCF team, that it became an enriching and a motivating experience for us all.

This venture will only be complete if you — our beloved students and dear readers start to pen down stories that you feel that the world must know…That’s what we, TheCollegeFever team is heading towards. We want you to showcase your college life or individual experiences, those that have different shades to paint the world with your hues!

Let the world know untold stories buried in the wonders of your world- the campus life!

This article has been penned down by Jisa Sara Mathew. Other #CampusStories can be found in TheCollegeFever Stories section. Do check them out! Get inspired to write!