For the Students, By the Students, Of the Students

If you are provided with a space to display and strut your own stuff that’s designed for you, what would you do? Showcase it. Well, that’s obvious, right? So let’s delve into a little story about this very concept.

In a land not very very far away, resided a hub for all College events. This hub was connected to few Colleges and it was happy. Yet, something was amiss! It tried finding out what, went far and wide to do research. Finally, it was discovered. It missed the presence of College Students around it. It immediately embraced itself for buzz and fizz.

And lo and behold! The first thing it did was create a Video Contest for people to participate in. People participated, connections happened, communities got built! And the little hub became the Happiest Hub ever!

Well, let’s talk fables to tables with the same cable now. TheCollegeFever has a motto of consolidating the student community for the greater good. Here, we decided to provide a platform to students to represent us, because the facilitation of students is what we stand for! We decided on User Generated Content to be a significant factor for our relaunched website.

When encountered with problems of finding the right content for the masses, who would you rather ask? The masses, obviously. So the Video Competition had a few rules of pertaining to certain resolutions, time limit and depicted College Life — the awesome things in and around your college. That was the theme. We got in great responses, indeed!

Initially, we didn’t quite get a huge traction. It happened slowly. A video of a monkey inside the college premises was the first one. Although it didn’t quite represent what we wanted but we were really happy because we saw participation. Later, we saw the crowds coming in for putting their content out to the world.

Finally arrived the tick and we announced the winners. We would like to mention about the winners of this Contest and this one is specially about them. They are pretty cool people!

So here’s about the winner:

Rohan Reddy is a 3rd year student of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science and M.S. in Exact Humanities. He is passionate about photography and cinematography.

Being the head of photography club in his college, this was his first attempt at recording and compiling a legit video. Their college festival provided a great opportunity to capture expressions and emotions of people and the subtlety in how things create these auras.

The entire video has mostly been recorded and edited by him. He had been aided by two juniors, namely Shanmukh Ale and Yaswanth Naidu Singampalli in the making of it. This awesome video deserves accolades, indeed. No wonder it presently runs in the recently re-launched website of TheCollegeFever.

And about the Runners Up:

Gourav Goel, a 2nd year student of Computer Science in BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus is a very creative person and a part of the Department of Photography, BITS Goa. He credits the entire Department for this amazing video and specially mentions Mayank, Pranay and Sravya. So the story behind the video goes like this:

The farewell for Seniors was coming up and Gourav saw a video from Coldplay (The Scientist) where from he was inspired to create a ‘reverse video’ for the Farewell. So Gourav and his friend, Pranay imagined shots in reverse and improvised on them. Mayank pulled in contacts and made arrangements for shots. Sravya and Arpita aided in the shots picked from the Girls’ Hostel. The entire video took more than a month to shoot and edit (done by Gourav).

There was a moment half-way where Gourav thought about dropping the idea. Mayank and Pranay urged him to go on with compiling the video. Gourav had his Lab exam on the very final day (in which he basically got a ‘0’ 😛 ) Finally, after exams the entire video came up. The struggles through the making proved successful when the video received a standing ovation from the audience, the first ever for a Farewell video in their college history. More than 53,000 views on Facebook was the final outcome because the entire College Fraternity including all Alumni loved his efforts. Soon, it will run as a homepage video for TheCollegeFever in the upcoming months.

We are proud to have them as winners because their efforts show in the videos. We congratulate all the participants for their wonderful contribution. A special congratulations go to Surya Midatala of IIT Kharagpur and Sudhanshu Srivastava of Manipal Institute of Technology for running a bid to the winners list.

P.S.- The famous phrase by Abraham Lincoln, “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” inspired the title of this article. Since majority of students won’t support convention, so doesn’t TheCollegeFever. Hence, we rolled it out backwards. Rolled out what? The Title, of course! 🙂

Disclaimer: The videos winning the awards have originally been part of a larger video decorated for college event and as nostalgia video for a farewell respectively and links to the same are below: