The Relaunch tale of TheCollegeFever-how it all happened

2 a.m.: Workplace, having dinner and candid moments.

3 a.m.: Work resumed, till the morning lights.

The above is a small excerpt from the life of our team-mates during development stages. Night-outs in work-space, endless efforts and endeavors! Yes, that is how it was built. And the greatest part of this was, they enjoyed every bit of it. No complaints. They took it in their stride to complete the work and do it well on time. Here’s how-

The entire team revised the complete design, development and implementation of TheCollegeFever website. After several discards and rejection of alternatives, this present design was ascertained upon.

Once the design was fixed and implemented, the product head handed it over to the technical team. The Tech people then worked on making the website live within a span of weeks!

The threads of fragments started weaving up. But ‘To Err is Human’. The time for bug fixes came around. And bugs are bugging! Finally release approached and the nurtured seed was let out for the world to see. The product culminated to give way to the facilities and power to the hands of students.

So there are plenitude of features now vested to the students. You can check them out here

TheCollegeFever stands for providing ample opportunities to students.