The Clock goes tick, which Event to pick?

Attend Events, Enhance your persona!

One. Two. Plenty! There are numerous events on the rostrum these days. Events related to literally anything in the world! Want to learn a skill or just display your talent, gain knowledge about topics or free your mind of all thoughts that stress you out? Nowadays everything is available for the grabs.

So among the gazillions of hues in your color palette, which one will you pick to be your favorite? And which one should you let go? Difficult deciding? You want to be able to prioritize! Here’s a little help from TheCollegeFever to take that decision —

1. Your Interests

That is obviously the foremost reason you take up a particular topic and attend any event related to it. Be it a workshop to learn about a certain matter, a competition to test yourself about that subject, or just a conference you want to be a part of — it should definitely be around a theme which intrigues and inspires you!

Events could range in the following segments —conferences where you need to submit papers and await results for papers to be selected and presented. Another one being workshops, where you need to attend it, no preparation required, just get the skills. A third kind could be a festival in colleges/schools or elsewhere. You could go to participate in the competitions held or could just go and witness the star performers and groove to the tunes of the DJ. Now that we are sure of the different sectors, let’s understand why interests are important.

A gripping point to be noted here is that interests change with time. People just take more time to realize or they don’t realize it at all. Let’s say, your hobbies as a teenager were reading novels and playing chess. So does that mean you retain only those two for the rest of your life? Sure those are good stuff and you should have those hobbies/habits for life. But why not learn a new skill and adapt to it as well? It’s an added feature to enhance your persona. Go for it!

2. Scope of the Event

A very important aspect of deciding for an event could be the worth of the event itself! Yes,

  • The authenticity and value of the Certificate received and also, the prizes, if any.
  • The number of attendees to the event(check past records of the event and try to get a rough figure of how popular it is).
  • The participation coverage (is it a local event or is it open to participants from all over?). Also, how far it can accommodate people from far-off places or it’s at your own expense — that needs to be known.

3. Speakers/Performers for the Event

Excellent speakers/performers will deliver the highest quality content, whether it be in terms of a lecture session or a cultural/stand-up performance. This is one of the sole reasons why we would attend an event! Agree? Well, I think many would nod a yes to this.

4. Organizers

The organizers of the event should themselves be authentic. Imagine the event is cancelled after you reach the spot. Disappointing, very very disheartening! For obvious reasons, do a background check on the genuineness of the event and its organizers.

5. The “Grow Your Network” Effect

The event that you are likely to participate could be one that gives you exposure to a multitude of professionals or people around your line of interest. Socializing with them could help you develop your connections to get to the right path. Attend an event if it helps you grow as a person and also expand your horizon of opportunities.

Meet. Greet. Fleet. Meet new people, greet them, and make your own fleet of associations!

6. Time for preparation (Optional)

Just like with great power comes great responsibilities, with great events upcoming, comes great preparations! If your event requires preparation, check the time you have for gearing up. If it’s sufficient enough, go for it without a doubt! Here’s your opportunity calling out to you!

7. Accessibility of the event

Check if it’s an Open-to-all event, the criteria for attending it and the location and climate of the place. Also, check whether this event is will give you the platform or the skill you were looking for. Some events are exclusive. So be careful on that front. Many events are also listed on TheCollegeFever, do check them out! They might be the ones you would have been looking out for.

A whole new world awaits you as you decide to attend an event. Go for the opportunities. They are calling out to you! The world is waiting, events are happening everywhere. Are you embracing the right ones?

This has been penned down by Armeen Shahneela for TheCollegeFever