Sunday Lunch, a fun Punch!

What better way to spend a Sunday than to make it a Fun Day! It was a gala time for the entire team of The College Fever on the past Sunday when we met up with one of our Investors, Durga Das. Such important lessons to take away home and work upon, yet nothing in a rigid or structured environment. The conclave took place in Century Club, Bangalore, one of the oldest and respected clubs out here. Live gigs of the olden Bollywood days accompanied by delectable food and beverages and ending on delicious desserts isn’t all to this meet! There’s more.

Now let’s first divulge a little about this amazing lady we went to meet. Quite amicable, so ready to share the best of her knowledge and resources at disposal that we felt more like meeting a friend for advice. A great businesswoman, Durga Das is currently the wicket-keeping captain of the All Women’s American-Canadian cricket team in the US, named ‘Canam’. She was keen on the workings of The College Fever and offered one of the best advice. She would like every entrepreneur to take up workings of business like a sport. “Life is, after all, like a game. The sports ground is where I learned my entrepreneurship skills”, she remarked. The knacks of business can all be learnt from the sports field. Technically, there are lessons on dedication, hard-work, team spirit and fairness.

Discussions about how a team of motivated individuals could build something great and achieve pinnacles of success were on the table. Also, how taking up responsibility of the tasks undertaken by a person could render the working environment much focused got highlight. “Every person is responsible for one particular thing”. Yes, that should be channelized motive of every individual working in a start up. Multi-tasking is a great talent and people should set up goals for each day. When a person knows he can cover more than ten tasks a day, why do four? The zeal to keep up the development and encouragement to keep working towards better services and happy product users was valued and talked upon.

Many believe that a Start-up or business establishment can gather gold, if there is money coming in, or is it? Active involvement and sufficient key research on customer needs is of utmost importance. Never push it down their throats.

Also on the table was “A brighter and fresh feel of The College Fever” that’s soon brimming up. Well, well! Did we spill out something? Oh yes, we did! Check out this space for exciting attributes to come up. We are constantly striving to deliver the best from us to your kitty.

And it ended on the lines of watching West Indies women batting an excellent innings in the ICC Women’s World T20. Wait, did we tell you our investor herself is a top order batswoman?

As for working on our future commitments, we are trying to push ourselves to offer you the best of opportunities. Like Durga remarked, “You’ve got to keep the pressure on every minute.”