Vision Struck

Finding new opportunities has now become easier with this!

College is usually the place and period where transitions happen for most. A place where one discovers opportunities that are spread across the surroundings. A platform where one can choose a career path and also explore new ways to find what suits best. A medium to explore, develop and live a better life.

What if, everyone in this country was able to find opportunities to learn and grow by just having access to the internet? Doesn’t sound like anything different, does it? Well, here’s the catch! Age and educational qualifications become barrier no more to explore the world.

The College Fever is a product-based tech-driven startup. It was started two years ago, with a vision to ensure awareness to every individual about the occurrences in our country. Occurrences where people can seek knowledge, share their views, meet people with similar interests or even find a purpose to life. The College Fever promotes technical, cultural and sports events, creative workshops, exhibitions, festivals and any occasion that is useful and beneficial to students.

If you are planning an event and you think it has a purpose, The College Fever is the right place to promote it. Your event will be promoted without a doubt, irrespective of the venue, expense, or the scale of event. The College Fever believes that someone somewhere might find your event helpful.

Are you ticketing your event and need a portal? College fever has taken care of it. Their online registration facility is very advantageous. Now here is the second catch. In case you are an organizer, registration amount will be transferred to your account every week, until the day of closing. Meaning, you can have some cash upfront before the event and you need not break a sweat.

You can see what you chose to see. Yes! You can customize your search and look for events that meet your interests. Once you custom search, the events get categorized, making it simpler for you to browse through. A neat design, with detailed information and description of each occasion makes very user-friendly.

The Vision that this organization holds : every individual who has craving to learn and grow, irrespective of age and qualification, deserves to find the opportunities to do so. provides the most useful of information and helps them participate in events and activities, thus developing themselves and the society as a whole.

There are people who know what they want to do in life. They have a passion towards a particular attribute, a dream to follow. While some are still trying to figure out what they can do with their lives, trying to find their purpose of being here. And you are provided just that, but in a manner that none have done before. Because it is never too late to start seeking opportunities to learn and develop oneself, is it? , endeavoring to create a better future!

~Goutham Ramesh (Did a research about this organisation and liked its workings. The results: he is a part of The College Fever as a Business Development Executive)

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