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TheCollegeFever aims at creating a socially interactive college life for all the college students. It is your platform to connect and explore events, get your solution to finding tickets to attend any event across the nation, garner sponsorship, promote and sell event merchandise-all this at the convenience of your home or college.

Here’s what’s on the Menu

  • Explore events, workshops, conferences across the country.
  • See what you want to see — explore events based on your interests. Why take the trouble of searching one by one? Our filter system will aid you.
  • Gear up for the event you want to attend! — Buy tickets & merchandise, find the location, know what’s in it for you. All of these in one place.
  • Want TCF associated with your event? — Let us know about your event, feature it in our platform and watch the magic unravel!

Organizers to Attendees-there’s loads in store for all!

Place Your Event where it’s most visible

  • Feature your event on our website and showcase it to the right audience.
  • With large students engaging, our social media platforms serve you best.
  • Moreover, TheCollegeFever is Social Media Integrated. This makes it easier for you as well as your attendees to share your event details on their social media platforms.
  • Keeping a record of your attendees and promotions is tedious. Leave that work to us. TCF sends detailed report of your attendees and event promotions.
  • Paperless tickets and QR Code Integration for your convenience.

Ticketing made easy as A-B-C

  1. Create your event using a wonderful event creation experience. Tap-click, and your Event page is ready!
  2. Manage your attendees through the dashboard-database of registered people and constant monitoring available.
  3. QR Code integration-which means paperless tickets and no person-to-person checklist maintenance on event day.
  4. International Transactions can also be processed through our platform.

Wear your merchandise with Pride

Want to use a big platform to sell your merchandise like hot cakes?

Here’s how you can do it-

  • Give us your design and the sizes. We will handle all the rest.
  • Sell your own goodies on our platform: T-shirts, Hoodies, Jerseys and Wristbands.
  • Worry not about the Quality. It’s our assurance and commitment.