Anger of a BULL versus PANDA’s Cool!

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Are you an angry bos taurus or a chilled-out panda?

Let’s try this: recollect names of a few successful entrepreneurs. Try describing their traits- logical, rational, remaining calm even in face of crisis, focused and coolly relay their stuff. They seldom get angry — or so it seems, on the least occasions would they show their anger.

Of course, are we forgetting some great entrepreneurs here? Some well-known faces who have been really tough on their team. Or their traits? Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk..anyone?

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We walk on the guidelines that the path to lead effectively is to remove the very words like anger and mood-swings from our diction. Be a professional, else get going home!

Well, turns out, not quite! According to research, the people or teams delivering maximum performance generally communicate and convey all kinds of emotions. We all get extremely happy, sad or mad at one point of time or the other, be it at home or in office. How about directing the anger to a particular positive channel? Anger can generate two beneficial traits we require — create focus and bring out confidence.

Creating Focus, yes. Anger helps in letting us focus on one thing in particular. We stop thinking in another direction. We stop multi-tasking. This can be a powerful way of focusing to get things done. For example, negative motivation and criticism help sometimes. They create a certain fire within us to perform, to deliver.

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In a normal situation, the bull will be happily soaking itself in a shallow pond. Agitate it and it will rush to overthrow you out of it’s way. Anger builds up a certain kind of confidence. In small doses anger can be the very tool that gives you a kick-start.

But there is one huge problem with getting mad since the time we know about it. Anger brings forth attributes from us which we might later regret saying or doing, for that matter. Hence, it’s essential to harness our emotions in a smart manner and learn to control them. Very hard to do? Not quite.

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One of the employees did a mistake. Saying, “How could you be such a fool?” may help you vent out the anger but will it make the situation any better? Instead, try this approach: Fume about the action, not the person. This will help you both in solving the problem rather than the employee sulking about it. After all, no point crying over spilled milk, right? The main concern should be to procure that lost milk back and reduce the effects of the loss. And thinking out together will certainly help in finding a solution to the problem at hand rather than letting hell loose.

Many people hold on to the pent up anger and emotions for too long. This built-up anger could burst out one day and be destructive. Instead letting go in small doses could actually help in becoming a cool Panda!

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Meditation and thinking positive helps in some cases. It steers the path to becoming the ever-calm and cool person. Some people are sangfroid and systematic owing to the way they are or have been. Whilst for others, it’s a path or way of life they adopt. For the rest who have issues managing their anger, could try channeling their emotion in a positive manner to achieve their goals and targets.

Anger is a genuine emotion, it cannot be avoided. Genuine are even the Leaders who have been trying to handle their hotheadedness. We even follow most of those leaders, like Bill Gates.

Maneuvered appropriately, anger might be able to take you and your team places! You are the manager of your own emotions. So be an angry bull or the cool panda, choose to direct your emotions rightfully, anywhere and at any time!