Amplify your College Event reach — Shhh, some classified information here!

Details and plans for your upcoming event have been fixed. Event Website-ready. Core team-selected. Volunteers-already allotted responsibilities. All your College people are excited about it. Cool!

What next? You want more people apart from your college to participate. Unfortunately for you, the event isn’t going so viral as you expected. The reach isn’t big enough! Doesn’t seem so good now, does it?

Seeing all your efforts going down the drain? After all the sleepless nights, the turmoil, the hard work —your sweat and blood running down the very road from where you tried raising the event!

Well, now worry not. You can make your event reach to the masses by actually following a few simple steps. Here’s how —

1. Wising up to Social Media usage

What many people do — Postings on Social Media after event and website creation and a tad bit before the actual event, for promotions. What’s the guarantee of success for that process? Very less!

It’s wiser to be consistent about posts on Social Media rather than being all gung-ho at a time. Send personalized messages, use all options available like Email Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and what not! There are plenty on your platter to explore.

2. Use Hashtags!

#hashtags could be the very thing that could get you your wide coverage!

Decide on the hashtags before starting marketing for your event. Ask people to use those hashtags and see the buzz around. Limit your usage of hashtags, don’t go overcrowding! Quality, not quantity is important, guys!

Also, check out the popular hashtags(#mycollegeevent) and reach out to folks using that. This could help in generating interests and more attendees to your event.

3. Spread around like a disease!

Yes, you heard it right! Like a disease! Sure, you already have an audience, but where is the harm in getting more? Yeah, it could be harmful if you don’t want it to become more successful. That way, too harmful if you spread a disease!!

If you have a team of volunteers and workers, ask them all to share in their network. Send out emails, messages, posts in such a manner that all they have to do is either Copy-Paste links or use the share/retweet buttons! In fact, why only restrict to the workers, ask all your college people to share. Also, people you know and aren’t even in your college, but are in other colleges nearby your area-they might be interested to come to your event and even share stuff about it. Leave your links on different pages on Facebook, if possible.

Additionally, think about the possibilities of Local media partners (just like us). Nowadays, it’s common for event organisers to offer up a part of their registrations for a media partner sending out emails and other promotional stuff on their behalf. Plus, some media partners(for instance, TheCollegeFever) promotes it for free! Who doesn’t like free pizzas? Bring them on!

But make sure you control the marketing of your event. The creative choices you make are important and should be in line with the trend. Do not try too many new things if you haven’t widely investigated the potential backlash. After all, it should be a good disease to have. No?

4. Content is King.

Emphasize on the quality of your message, what goes out through your content. Make it accessible and easy-to-relate. Good marketing relies upon concise, descriptive content. Make sure that the content instantly, precisely, and passionately conveys the theme and purpose of the event. Content is king. Period.

5. Create Online Contests or Campaigns for Build-Up.

Run Contests on Social Networking sites. The more number of online contests, the more the participants, the more the publicity. Ask to add hashtags. Declare the winners. Feature it during your event. This will garner in more crowd, for sure. Examples are Selfie, Video, Photography Contests!

Also, the Celebrities and Bands roped in for the event could make videos of them coming to the event and share among their network.

6. Make your Ticket Store Appealing

If you have partnered with online ticketing hosts and you have an online ticket store(P.S.- TheCollegeFever provides it too) make it engaging. Add extra content, nice banners, posters, promos of your event on the display platform that they provide. Plus, to expand the extent of your event further, put up post-event content such as photos, awards, after-movies and recaps. This gives people more reasons to be back to attend your event the next year!

A few examples of building up the ground for a wider audience to the event have been mentioned here. Some might have been tried and tested. Some need to be discovered. Put in a word if you want to add on to these. Cheers to College Events!

Penned down by Armeen Shahneela for TheCollegeFever